Cottage Kitchen Decor

For those of you who don’t know, myself and Pete live in a cosy little cottage in Hamble village. We were really lucky that when we moved in the decor was already lovely so I just had the task of filling it with equally lovely little its and bobs to make it nice and homely. 

I’ve already done a tour of Jasper’s nursery and I do plan to do a tour of every other room but in the meantime here’s some of the bits and pieces that I love in our kitchen:

Wooden utensil holder from TK Maxx. This is the perfect storage holder as it’s convenient to grab things when they’re needed but it’s also extremely cute with the cut out heart and crate style 3-82

Giant tea cup flower pot. Pete got me this for my birthday this year and it did have roses in it. If you know me you’ll know that if a plant needs to be watered … it’s pretty much set for death in my house. My intentions are good but I seem to fail at remembering to water the poor suckers … hence the lovely brown shade (i’m just too fond to get rid of it).photo 2-107

This was also a flowerpot but when the plant inside died I decided it would be great to keep keys, sunglasses and just general bits and bobs in – it’s a bits and bobs box!photo 4-68

This chalkboard was initially purchased for the purpose of making to-buy lists but it’s been stuck on ‘welcome home mum’ since me and Jasper came back from the hospital after his birth and I quite like it! It is a year today till we get married though so I’m thinking of changing it to a 3-83

Egg house – I bought this from a gorgeous shop in Wickham when I was buying my Annie Sloan paint (fab by the way) and I’m a little obsessed with it! It fits in so well with the cottage style and it’s a lovely little home for my eggs to wait until their doom!photo 1-109

Ahh my vintage biscuit barrel. I bought this on eBay earlier this week  as I plan to use floral vintage biscuit barrels and jugs as my centrepieces at my wedding to hold flowers in. I may have to keep hold of this one though, it would be rude not to right!?photo 2-106

Excuse the shoddy paint job but this is my first chalkboard paint attempt. I thought it would look great on a mason jar instead of labels 🙂photo 1-110

Now this is such a thoughtful one! Pete told me last week that when he was younger his family had a rabbit shaped jelly mould that they kept their keys in. He remembered they’d always say ‘the keys in the rabbit’. Anyway, the same week my mum told me that she used to have a rabbit shaped jelly mould and brought us one! Pete was really chuffed and as long as I get to attempt a rabbit shaped jelly first, he can use it to keep his keys in!photo 5-49

I could spend forever buying little bits for our kitchen but I always find that my kitchen clutters easily. What with Jasper’s steriliser, our cook books and Pete’s collection of champagne bottles, there isn’t much more surface space for anything else!


Thanks for reading 🙂



  • Jenna Richards
    19th July 2014 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Oh Jess, so many lovely bits here. I think the egg house is my fave! I could spend hours buying things for our house. Looking forward to your house tour. xx

    • Jessica
      20th July 2014 at 9:40 am Reply

      Thanks lovely 🙂 I love it too, I keep going into the fridge for eggs though and forgetting they’re in the egg house xx

  • Sjoukje
    19th July 2014 at 6:53 pm Reply

    This is so cute, I love it! I like peeking into other people’s kitchens so much! x

    • Jessica
      20th July 2014 at 9:38 am Reply

      So do I! Love having a nose around peoples houses 🙂

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