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I say this often but a changing bag to a mum is like a set of new wheels to a dad, something that takes a lot of research to choose, will be loved almost as much as your partner and kids and that you’ll frequently be checking for sticky finger prints and urging your children to ‘back away slowly with their hands up’!

For me a changing bag is about so much more than carrying around your childs belongings. Yes practicality is up there as a top priority but for something that I’ll be using daily it’s a style choice first and foremost. I’ve never been into the typical style bags with bears and ducks; I’m happy for Jasper to have a bright and jazzy bag with garish prints when he’s old enough to carry it himself but when its me carrying it, I want it to be simple and sleek and go with my outfits. I want to know that if I had the bag on me while Jasper’s at the grandparents I wouldn’t look like a loon carrying around a baby bag and no baby.

With this in mind, when offered the chance to review a bag from Coco Bow (home of the most stylish mum bags) I was spoilt for choice! Every one of the bags in the collection looks like a day to day handbag with the added bonus of being well equipped for all of your poo explosion/ breastfeeding needs. Here’s a glimpse of the gorgeous collection but do keep reading to see what I chose and for more info on your £10 off code – Jess10coco

I decided to go for the Ebony – which in my opinion is just the height of sophistication with the hidden element of ‘Yea I’m full of nappies, odd socks and breast pads’. You can’t go wrong with black, it goes with every colour, suits every occasion be it a wedding or soft play date and looks super stylish with both jeans and a mum bun for day to day outings and heels and some leather pants for a baby-in-tow date night!


This bag is actually an update of it’s previous version and comes with a detachable lining that can be used as a separate bag. This is perfect if your dropping your little one off at the grandparents or at nursery as you can pop all of their essentials into the removable part, leave it with them and take the main bag away with you – people would be none the wiser that 20 minutes prior your bag was holding an array of baby equipment!

Alternatively you could pop your own essentials in there, make-up, phone, keys etc and take it away with you or even just use it to pop to the bathroom to powder your nose without heaving the whole bag and it’s contents too! It even has it’s own detachable straps so it can be used as a functioning mini handbag.


Also included in the bag is a matching changing mat to the removable bag with the signature Coco Bow print on. Both the bag and mat are wipe clean which is perfect and quite frankly a must for mum life!


Here are some of the main features of the main bag:

  • Four zip pockets – perfect for valuables and smaller items
  • Four expandable pockets – great for for wipes and nappies 
  • Adjustable, detachable bag strap with a padded sleeve for comfort
  • Coco Bow Bag Tag
  • Key Fob
  • Straps to attach to pushchair
  • Fold down handles which look great when the bag is attached to your pushchair
  • Dimensions – 38cm x 31cm x 14cm

DSC00567 DSC00565 DSC00562 DSC00559 DSC00558


Favourite parts:

Looks – of course, I chose it primarily based on it’s looks and I don’t care who knows it! It’s gorgeous, stylish and the perfect accessory for me as a mum and me as … well, me!

Wipe clean – Being leather it is super easy to wipe clean and of course being black it doesn’t show up marks or stain anyway!

Functionality – The removable pocket is so handy; perfect for nursery drop offs and short visits to the grandparents.

Detachable straps  – These give you the option of carrying it on your arm or shoulder as well as on your pushchair, giving you a nice break if your arms starting to ache!


Downsides – The only one I can think of, and that’s really trying to find one, is that leather can be slightly heavier than say canvas or cotton bags; so when full of baby and muma products it does get a little heavy but like I said only slightly more so than other materials.


If you’d like to get your hands on one of the gorgeous bags from the Coco Bow collection then you’re in luck because we’ve teamed up to give you £10 OFF ANY PURCHASE! Simply use the code Jess10 at checkout (don’t be alarmed if you can’t find where to enter the code, with a shopify site you select the item, go to payments and are taken back to the site to enter the code then confirm payment).

I’d love to know if you’re planning to buy one and which one you’d go for; or if you already have one what’s it like?


Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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