Christmas Scent Jar

There are a few lovely things that really get me in the festive mood around the end of November/ beginning of December; Christmas adverts, houses that have their lights up ridiculously early and the smell of Christmas.

The smell of Christmas doesn’t take over just yet but it hits you throughout your day; the candle aisle in a shop, the festive lattes in Costa the frosty air as you step outside your door. You can make your home smell festive in so many ways, candles of course are the main ones, room sprays, baking mince pies and having a real Christmas treeĀ are obvious too; but if you want to try something new, simple and oh my goodness delicious then try these DIY Scent Jars I shared over on Channel Mum.

They’re so easy to make, you can tailor make them to create your own version of Christmas nostalgia and they’re fab for gifts. Simple add whatever festive smelling ingredients you’d like into a pan, e.g. pine sprig, cinnamon, cranberry juice, vanilla etc top up with water and heat it on a low heat to fill your home with the magical smell of Christmas.

Alternatively you could heat in in the slow cooker to keep it a bit more contained or even pop a bit on an oil burner. The mixtures keeps for a couple of weeks so once you’re done, turn off the heat, leave the mixture to cool, pop it into a mason jar and store it in the fridge until the next time you want to use it.

If you’re giving it as a gift don’t worry about heating it first; pop all of the ingredients straight into a jar and create a little label instructing your recipient what to do. They can pop it straight into their fridge and bring it out when they’re ready for their home to smell magical!!

Thanks for reading/ watching guys!
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