Christmas Eve Box

It’s that magical day … okay it’s the day before THE┬ámagical day, but it’s still super exciting – it’s Christmas Eve!

This is a new tradition for us, making a Christmas Eve box; we did do one last year but Jasper was too young to understand and Rhys, well he was probably too young too. This year though we have Jasper yelling ‘mismas’ overtime he see’s something red and sparkly so we know the boys will be ready!DSC09520 DSC09519 DSC09518 DSC09515

In case you don’t know, a Christmas Eve box is a small box filled with little goodies to get your child into the Christmas spirit. It could be clothes to wear Christmas day, something to prepare for Father Christmas such as a plate for the mince pie and carrot, a key to let him in and some reindeer sparkle to guide the reindeers way. It could include Christmas pjs or crafts and activities to keep your little one busy while you do your last minute wrapping; something like colouring, cookie decorating, a Christmas movie, books etc

You can really fill it with whatever you want and make it as personal as you want, perhaps including photographs or homemade decorations; and most of the items you can reuse for years!

Here’s what we popped in ours; if you made one please do let me know what you put in it; I’d love some inspiration for next year!

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