Christmas Bucket List

Woohoo, the festive season has well and truly begun and in true Christmas style I’ve been busy making our very own Avey bucket list to complete! I haven’t always been this crazy, usually I take Christmas as it comes but now that we have the boys I want to make sure they experience everything and don’t miss a thing!

So here are 41 things we’re going to eat/drink/play/watch/listen to/experience this Christmas:

1) Introducing baby Jesus to the boys – I want the boys to understand why we celebrate Christmas, I know they won’t get it just yet but I want to start teaching them now.

2) Hot chocolate with marshmallows – I was recently sent a scrummy dark chocolate pot from Whitards and it’s wonderful!

3) Costa and Starbucks festive lattes – At least one a day; gingerbread, toffee nut, any will do!

4) Pret and Greggs festive sandwiches – Turkey, stuffing and cranberry … in a sandwich – what could be more delightful?

5) DIY Christmas cards and wrapping paper – footprint reindeer cards, fingerprint snowmen wrapping paper – they make gifts so much more personal.

6) DIY Christmas wreath – I have a heart wreath on my front door made from twine and last year I added bells and tinsel to make it all festive. This year I’m going to up my game with pinecones, dried red berries and dried orange slices – delicious!

7) Home scents – Add cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, cranberries, apple cider vinegar and water to a pan and heat it on low to fill your home with the smell of Christmas. Once you’re done store it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks reusing it as and when you want!

8) Christmas photoshoots – Ooh buddy I’m going to up my game. I’m talking a picture of the back of Jasper and Rhys sat looking up at the Christmas tree in the nudey with Christmas lights and santa hats – Pinterest worthy!

9) Letter from Father Christmas – The Royal Mail run a service where your child can send a letter to Santa’s Grotto, Reindeer land, XM4 5HQ and your child will get a personalised response from Father Christmas. (Make sure to send it before the 6th Dec).

10) Leaving reindeer food – Mix oats, glitter and sparkles in a bag and let your little ones sprinkle it on your driveway to lead the reindeer to your door!

11) Plate for Father Christmas – My sister in law has made a plate for Father Christmas’s mince pie and his reindeers carrot using nothing but a plate and sharpies!

12) Mulled wine – Get creative making your own or the supermarkets do their own delicious version for really good prices!

13) Roasted chestnuts – Oh me oh my, nothing says Christmas to me like walking around town with a cold nose, warming your hands on a paper bag filled with roasted chestnuts!

14) Mistletoe – Every door of every room, not that we need excuses for kisses right?

15) Christmas market – This year we’ll be heading to the German market in Southampton, Winchester’s Christmas market and Portsmouth’s Victorian Festival. I love looking at all of the craft stalls, paying for overpriced personalised gifts and snacking on yummy treats!

16) Coca Cola lorry – ‘Holidays are coming, holidays are coming’ – our closest stop is at our local Asda and I cannot wait to take the boys there to see it all lit up!

17) Local lights switch on – Hopefully we’ll get to a lights switch on at one of our local shopping centres although I think they may already be done? If not there’s a local culdesac that really go to town with their lights for charity so that will be lovely to walk around.

18) Ice skating – Winchester Christmas market has a wonderful ice-skating rink right in front of the cathedral which is so beautifully lit up at night time.

19) Christmas jumpers – We have a Christmas jumper party to go to the week before Christmas with a load of our Dubai friends but I’ll be making sure me and the boys (Pete included) get plenty of other opportunities to dress to impress!

20) Buying the tree – Last year Pete surprised me with a huge real tree (I did sulk a little as I wanted to help choose it) but this year I’m excited to take the boys to pick one out as a family!

21) Decorating the house – I’m terrible for buying lots of little nicknacks that don’t really go so this year I’m sticking to a theme. Copper and cream will be our colours and we’re going to go all out making our whole home shine!

22) Carol singing – I may not be brave enough to actually go door to door but I’d love to go and watch carol singing in the local square and will always welcome carol singers to my door!

23) Meeting Father Christmas – We have one trip booked already to meet the big man himself at Marwell Zoo with all of Petes family and I’m hoping to get another session booked in with my family too.

24) Seeing reindeer – Keydells nursery in Havant have an amazing Christmas tunnel you can walkthrough with lots of Christmas displays, a Christmas grotto where you can meet Father Christmas and even real reindeer!

25) Elf on the shelf – Jasper may not get the whole Elf on the shelf thing yet but I thing Rhys will! It’ll be so fun in the build up to Christmas to se Rhys’s face when he finds out what those cheeky elves have been up to!

26) Wrapping up for long walks – Knitted socks, fur scarves, ear muffs and cable knit jumpers – I love that feeling of a numb nose and toasty toes. Walking around with fresh crisp air seeing the bare trees and frost covered grass is so so magical, especially if it (fingers crossed) snows!

27) Snow angels – and on that snowy note – I really want to see the boys make miniature snow angels in perfectly untouched snow.

28) Snow ball fights – Seeing Jaspers face when he first notices that light fluffy sheet of snow and then watching him crunch through it and teaching him to make snow balls to throw at Daddy!

29) Cosying by the fire – Whether real or fake, nothing feels cosier than sitting infant of a fire with a fluffy blanket and hot chocolate.

30) Christmas songs – I don’t think I’ve heard one yet this year so i’d better get creating a playlist. By December Christmas hits will be on the music channel on tv, in the car and being sung by all of us!

31) Christmas PJ’s – Me and Jasper already have ours so I’m on the hunt for a pair for Pete an Rhys! The boys will go in their Christmas Eve boxes – eek!

32) Red lips and nails – This ones for me of course, red, burgundy and dark brown lips and nails are a staple for any fashionistas Christmas look!

33) Christmas day outfit – The boys have theirs and I think Pete may have brought himself a jumper but I need my outfit! I’m thinking knitted tights and a dress but I haven’t even started looking yet!

34) Christmas movies – Elf, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Muppets Christmas Carol – so so many to choose from and even more magical to watch with the boys!

35) Mince pies – I hated them as a child but LOVE them now!

36) Christmas Eve box – Pjs, a Christmas day outfit, books, perhaps a toy, most of the contents we got for last years and can be used again for years to come!

37 ) Christmas candles – My home currently smells of a mixture of Yankee Candles ‘Christmas Cookie’ and The White Companies ‘Winter’ candle – delicious!

38) Christmas parties – We have a few to go to for nursery, various play groups and with friends!

39) Cosy Decor – We’ve changed up the pillows and throw on our bed and on the sofa to make them more festive and cosy.

40) Presents – Of course the ever exciting Christmas shopping. We’ve done most of ours already in stores and online and I’m excited to finish it all off.

41) BBQ Christmas dinner – Yep that’s right, this year we’re hosting for my family and Pete plans to cook al of the meat on the BBQ!

Well there you have it, our Christmas bucket list! I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to add over time as I think of more and if you have any suggestions for me please add them on! I’d love to hear what your Christmas ‘to-do’s’ are!


Thanks for reading guys,

Jess x


  • Hannah - Budding Smiles
    20th November 2015 at 1:55 pm Reply

    All sounds amazing! I wish I was as creative as you, I feel like I run out of time every single day and haven’t done anything! Tried doing some painting with Toby this week and he just hates it!xx

    • Jessica
      20th November 2015 at 2:06 pm Reply

      haha it’s wishful thinking, getting all of it done may not actually happen!

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