Christmas Books

Jasper and Rhys love their books. Rhys is more of a ‘story before bedtime’ kind of guy but Jasper will sit and read them throughout the day and they both sit patiently and see a book through to the end. I’m so pleased because I LOVED books when I was younger and even now if I had more time I know I’d read so much more!

The boys have this cute little reading corner in their bedroom which is the perfect height for them to help themselves to their chosen books and put them back when they’re finished. Jasper can even reach it from his cot which means often we go into get him in the morning and he’s say reading away to himself.

Once they’ve gotten a bit bored of their books I tend to rotate them with ones from downstairs or new ones we’ve either bought or borrowed from the library. I like to keep them in series, so they can really get a feel for different styles of books and themes.

Over the festive period I’ve swapped out the boys day to day books with their festive collection and I thought I’d share it with you in case our looking for a bit of Christmas reading material inspiration! As always, if you have any suggestions for us then please leave them below, we’re always on the hunt for more to add to our mini collection!

Thanks for reading and watching!

Jess x

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