*Cheeky Chomper Neckerchew Review

I’m a big fan of Dragons Den. It’s not watching the poor entrepreneurs sweat while the Dragons rip their hearts and souls apart (that’s just part of it) but it’s the fact that on some occasions, and I mean few and far between, you come across an invention or service that really is incredible.

A couple of weeks back I saw entrepreneurs Julie and Amy pitch the awesome Neckerchew. Now I’m sure all of you yummy mummy’s and daddy’s will have seen this and thought how genius it was but for those of you that missed it, the Neckerchew is a chewy dribble bib for teething tots. It’s so simple yet so brilliant that I’m quite annoyed I didn’t come up with it myself!

I’ve been really lucky enough to get the opportunity to review the Twinkle Twinkle style which is just one of their many gorgeous designs.

photo 1-34

The bib itself is one size with 2 adjustable poppers. It’s made up of 3 layers to be super absorbent and what’s even more fab is that it’s reversible so you’re getting 2 in 1! This one is plain navy on the other side which is very practical.

I think the most unique selling point of the Neckerchew is that it’s hygienic. No more dropping tethers on the floor or having a screaming baby in the car because they’ve lost it – the teether is attached to the point at the bottom of the bib so it’s always at hand for bambino!


Here is my lovely little model Rhys wearing his Twinkle Twinkle style.


Here you can see the poppers on the back for easy fastening 🙂 (Excuse the TV, Rhys is watching Jeremy Kyle!)

photo 1-33

I think it suits his little outfit perfectly don’t you?photo 2-36

He’s discovered the teether …. look at the concentration on his face!photo 4-18

and in it goes! Success!!!photo-16

Everything about the Neckerchew gets a thumbs up from me and Rhys. It’s hygienic, it’s stylish, it’s practical and useful!

The Neckerchews can be found at www.cheekychompers.com where they have a really wide range of styles to choose from! They retail at £11.99 which for 2 bibs in 1 and a teether I think is really reasonable. They also ship world wide for all you far away mumas!

photo 2-37

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