Why I can’t wait to meet you

I’ve been feeling really emotional about my pregnancy this week. Well, I’ve been emotional in general, I’m currently watching Extreme makeover home edition and can’t stop balling! Pregnancy wise thoughI’m not sad emotional, I think it’s more overwhelmingly emotional.

As the due date is getting so much closer I’ve been thinking about all of the things that I’m looking forward to! Of course being a mummy and having a baby are the obvious ones but there are so many little things that I keep thinking about and I’d like to document them. I think it will be nice to look back at what I was looking forward to and compare to how I feel when I actually get to experience them!

Here it goes, I’m sure that I’ll come up with lots more along the way but these are the ones that have really stuck in my head lately:


 Why I can’t wait to meet you

Taking lots of pictures – I’ve always been a bit snap happy; odd shaped clouds, flowers, other friends babies, but now I’ll have my very own baby model! I’ll have all these wonderful moments to capture –  I’m going to need a bigger memory card! I also hope my Facebook friends like babies because I’m sure I’ll be boring them with 12 different versions of you in one outfit or pulling a funny face!

Cuddles – I love cuddles, and I can’t wait to have my very own cuddle machine on tap all day everyday!  I’m not sure if it’s cute or cruel to think that you have no choice but to give me cuddles against your will until you’re big enough to push mummy away! mwahaha

Waking up with you next to me – Every morning I’m going to wake up to you next to me, well until you go into your own room, at which point I’ll probably sneak you back into our room for snuggles every morning!

Watching you sleep – You’re the one and only person I’ll be allowed to stare at while you sleep without me being labelled a creep!

Loving you even more than I do now – Everyone says that as soon as your baby is born you love them unconditionally, it’s so exciting to think that even though I feel like I do already, I know that is going to get even stronger once you’re here!

Family portraits – Yay! An excuse to get us all dressed up matching and make cheesy pictures! I really want to have a picture done of Mine, Pete;s, Rhys’s and your feet at the end of the bed. Provided we can keep you and your brother from wriggling around too much I think it would make a lovely photo to go in our bedroom!

Having a plus 1 to everything – I am officially in the mummy club. This means that I get to bring you along to all of the exciting mummy and baby things that mummies and babies do … not too sure what these are yet but I’m excited!

It’ll no longer me my friends, their babies and me going to the park, I’ll have you to join in all the fun and make me look less of a spare part!

Choosing your outfits – I’m going to dress you in the cutest little outfits. Think braces and bow ties …. you’re going to hate me when you grow up … I’m sorry in advance!

Oh and p.s if you have long hair, a David Beckham headband isn’t out of the question, and matching mummy and son coordination will happen, there’s no negotiating!

Learning about you – Your big brother and cousins do the funniest things. Whether they be sayings or facial expressions and I can’t wait to discover yours! I’m excited to see what your interests are and if you have any weird little habits!

Having someone to make things for – and boy has this begun already! Me, Grandma, Nanny and your Aunty Michelle have already been busy crafting away to make your nursery and wardrobe the cutest! You have a team of creative ladies just waiting to meet you so expect a lifetime of handmade jumpers and oddly shaped teddy bears!

Teaching you how to be polite and appreciative – I’m sure every parent says this and I’m sure that half way down the line it’s easier said that done but you will be a polite little boy. P’s and Q’s, waiting your turn and appreciating everything! I want you to look forward to family time and exploring rather than presents and money; and I think me and Pete will do a good job of this! (I’m sure there are plenty of already parents laughing at my optimism!)

Watching you learn – There are so many first that I can’t wait to experience with you. Smiles, laughs, teeth, first words, crawling, walking … the list goes on! I wonder if you’ll be speedy like your brother or lazy like your daddy was? My only request is that you say ‘muma’ before ‘dada’ … remember who gave birth to you when making your decision!

Seeing what parts of me and Pete you have – I can’t wait to see who you look like. I think it was Will Ferrell who said ‘I hate it when new parents ask who the baby looks like. It was born 15 minutes ago, it looks like a potato’ – so after the potato-ness (or grumpy old man-ness as I like to call it) has worn off, I wonder if you’ll have my eyes or daddy’s ‘monkey nose’ as his sisters call it! haha

I have a million more things that I can’t wait for but I’ll save them for future posts. Ooh it’s made me so excited, 9 weeks to go till I get to start experiencing it all!


What things do/did you look forward to with your bambinos?


Thanks for reading 🙂




  • Hayley
    7th February 2014 at 6:29 am Reply

    I love this! What a lovely idea xx

  • BakedPotatoMummy
    7th February 2014 at 9:17 pm Reply

    A lovely heart-warming post. It made me feel quite emotional when I think back to how I felt when I was pregnant with Potato. I was so excited!

  • Lauren
    10th February 2014 at 2:12 pm Reply

    When I was pregnant I felt the same way. I couldn’t wait for Beau to be born..

    But once she was here, I missed her being in my tummy. Its really hard to explain but I know other mummy friends felt the same way. Its almost like you’ve lost something… So enjoy every moment of being pregnant because you will miss it!!

    Lauren x

    • admin
      14th February 2014 at 10:41 am Reply

      I’ve had so many women say they felt the same which makes me feel better 🙂 I’m taking so many pictures and trying to document how I feel too which I hope I’ll look back on and love! xxx

  • Anonymous
    12th February 2014 at 8:21 am Reply

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