Since I hit the 20 week mark I feel like my bump has just ballooned! I had a part time bump before, mostly due to bloating, constipation and me pushing my belly out to make myself look pregnant… it’s not weird, it’s a skill that I’m very proud of!

However when people started to ask where my bump that was so blooming the day before had disappeared to I thought it best to admit defeat and wait for little Rabbit to show on his own!

And here he is!!! It’s definitely not bloating or gas as it’s been there for around 2 weeks now and all is normal in the bathroom department (too much info?)


So I’m taking every opportunity that I can get to show off my bump in tight tops (before they get too tight) and have been taking lots of pictures!

Still 18 weeks of growing to go! I can’t wait for him to get big enough to rest my belongings on!



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