Bugaboo Runner Review

Ladies and gents, I am so so excited to be able to share with you the Bugaboo Runner. This is a pushchair that I’ve always looked at in admiration. Okay I’ve probably been looking at the fit mumas rocking the running-with-a-baby look more than the pushchair itself, but it’s something I’ve really wanted to try out.

We’ve always been fans of Bugaboo; I knew instantly when I found out that I was having Jasper that I was going to buy the Donkey Duo for so many reasons (I promise I’ll write that review I’ve been talking about since forever). It has been an absolute wonder, seeing us right through from Jasper as a newborn to hopefully our new addition as a toddler; so when I found out I’d be teaming up with Bugaboo to share with you their famous running pushchair, I just knew I’d love it before even trying it out.


The Bugaboo Runner is ‘Designed with active parents in mind’ specifically for running and jogging. It has three large wheels with air filled tyres, shock absorbing suspension and a fixed front wheel for a smooth and straight run.


The Runner comes as a complete set with detachable seat, specifically for active parents who don’t want to compromise. The set includes :

  1. rain cover
  2. aluminium bugaboo runner chassis with wheels
  3. black seat fabric
  4. seat frame
  5. wire frame
  6. rotating carry handle
  7. extendable sun canopy
  8. underseat basket
  9. air pump
  10. adapters

The Bugaboo Runner can also be purchased as a jogging  extension for already Bugaboo owners like myself. Compatible with the Bugaboo Chameleon³, Bugaboo Bee (2010 model and onwards), Bugaboo Donkey seat – version 1.1 and Bugaboo Buffalo seat; you simply purchase the runner chassis and attach your own seat using the adaptors. This is wonderful for someone like me who wants to get into running but can’t really justify paying twice for what in effect is the exact same seat and accessories. I simply switch the seat onto the Runner when I fancy some exercise and then pop it back onto the Donkey Duo for general day to day life.


Here are some of the wonderful features of the Bugaboo Runner:


Reversible and reclinable seat: A fab feature across all Bugaboo pushchairs, have bambini facing you or the world by pushing the two side buttons and lifting off the seat; and recline them to laying flat with one pull of a lever at the back of the seat.


Easy access speed control break: By squeezing the handbrake you can easily bring yourself to a gentle or an abrupt stop while running.

DSC00140 DSC00132

Footbrake: Easily pushed down with your foot you can lock the pushchair in position while you stop for a drink – ideal if you’re on a bit of a hill or in a busy area. DSC00131

Height adjustable handlebar: Ideal for the short ladies like myself. I did find it a bit stiff to do but it probably just needs wearing in. DSC00121 DSC00122

Large underseat basket: Perfect for storing a blanket for bambino or their changing bag. I wouldn’t put anything loose in there like a phone or keys as they may jump out on bumpy terrain. DSC00139

Easy compact fold: The Bugaboo Runner couldn’t be easier to fold and unfold; simply remove the seat (and baby of course) and then collapse the chases with one swift movement. It fits perfectly in our boot with room to spare and tucks away nicely in the cupboard under the stairs while not in use. DSC00146

Wrist strap: Another feature I loved is the wrist strap, it gave me peace of mind that if I tripped or got a bit carried away running and lost control the pushchair wouldn’t go anywhere. I’m sure this wouldn’t happen but as a newbie runner it made me feel more relaxed.



The Bugaboo Runner retails at £349 for the chassis alone and £583 for the complete set. There are also loads of extra accessories you can add on like a water bottle holder, blanket, footmuff, tray, sun canopy etc to make you and bambini’s journey even more comfortable.


I would highly recommend this to any parents out there that are either keen runners already or who, like me, really want to get back into fitness but struggle to find the time to fit it in around mum life. It’s perfect for anything from a brisk walk to a light jog and even a full on sprint. You can adjust the tracking to suit your terrain and away you go.

Jasper loves whizzing about in the country park and has even taken to shouting ‘run muma’ when we’re walking around the shops using the Donkey Duo. I love that I can get some fitness in while spending quality time with Jasper and knowing that he’s getting a good dose of fresh air and fun!

The only downside that I did find is the front lock makes it difficult if you do want to turn. Of course you can make bends but when you need to make a sharp turn you need to have a good technique of slightly lifting the back of the pushchair to adjust your direction. It’s something you can definitely get use to but wouldn’t make it a suitable runner for particularly windy paths or for day to day use.


I hope you found this useful and please do let me know if you give the Bugaboo Runner a go or if you have any alternative running pushchair suggestions for me to try!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


* The Bugaboo Runner was sent to me for review; all opinions are my own. 



  • Harriet Lee
    18th February 2016 at 9:47 am Reply

    This looks fab! I don’t use a pushchair anymore for my 2 yo but would love to get a running one when I have a second baby at some point! xo

    • Jessica
      18th February 2016 at 10:20 am Reply

      Yea it’s fab and where it folds so compactly it can just be left in the boot or cupboard till you take it out 🙂

    18th February 2016 at 6:09 pm Reply

    Cute photos 🙂
    Maria V.

  • Lara - Adventures Of A Mum
    18th September 2016 at 9:42 pm Reply

    I’m looking for a more lightweight pushchair for my littlest now that the double iCandy seems a bit big for our needs. I really want to relinquish my boot – It’s been full of pushchair for 2 years, I think it’s time for a smaller version. Great review hun xx

    • Jessica
      20th September 2016 at 9:22 pm Reply

      Ooh I have the iCandy Peach I’ll be reviewing soon; how do you find it? We absolutely loved the Bugaboo donkey duo, I never thought I’d love another pushchair but I’m really loving the iCandy so far!

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