Boys and their toys – Boikido Review

Rhys has always loved exploring and trying out new things but I’ll admit he did go through a phase where whenever he was with us, he’d only ever want to play with his toy hoover or our iPhones! He has a million toys here, and we take him out in the garden and try lots of different creative and messy games but they would always be his toys of choice.

Now though, luckily, he’s ventured out to new things. Don’t get me wrong, he still loves a good tidy up but he doesn’t always go straight for those things anymore. For Christmas we bought him this mini Mini.

photo 2-102

He was only 6 months at the time so we definitely got ahead of ourselves but he now LOVES it! I even get in there and ride around with him haha

As he’s been walking since he was 9 months, he loves toys that he can pull and push along. We were really kindly sent this Push and Play Rabbit Wagon from Boikido and it’s quickly become one of his favourite toys! He even ask’s (by pointing and saying ‘uh’ ) to take it to his room and to the lounge.

photo 5-46

It’s meant to encourage walking but as he needs no encouragement there it’s instead developing his multi taking skills! He’ll push it along with one hands while holding the phone to his ear with the other (in no way encouraging driving while on the phone here by the way). He’ll also stop to pick up items along his travels to pop in the wagon and then offload them in different places! It’s be fab when he’s a little older for role play of shopping!

The sides have these activity boards which are perfect for his dexterity and problem solving skills. He’s not been too fused by them yet as he’d prefer to push and pull it but he did have a sit down and run his hands over the faces and follow the swirl with his fingers.

photo 4-63

Not only does he enjoy filling it with toys and pushing it along but he also loves sitting in it and being pushed around the house! photo 1-105

Pete also got in on the review and pinter out that the base of the wagon has stoppers so that if Rhys leant backwards while holding the handle, the wagon wouldn’t tip over. This is great as he is at the ‘hanging off things’ phase and is sadly learning that he can’t climb, swing and lean on everything lol

Boikido have a fab range of wooden toys and what I love most about them is that they are eco-friendly, from their packaging and paintwork to their bright and colourful earthy characters.

What are your kiddies favourite toys at the moment?

Do you prefer wooden or plastic toys?


Thanks for reading! xx

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