A day out in Botley

This weekend we set out to make the most of the last of the glorious weather and decided to explore our local village – Botley. We’ve lived here for almost 9 months but have never really attended any of the local events, so I thought it was time to become more of a part of the local community.

Botley Fire station were holding an open day to raise money for the fire fighters charity.There was so much to do from rides and crafts to dance shows and even a dunk tank! The boys had a wonderful time; we popped some coins in a pot for them to spend as they wanted and of course they opted for the lucky dip and a merry-go-round style ride (although Jasper changed his mind at the last minute and decided to watch Rhys from the sidelines).

It was really wonderful to be amongst the buzz and good spirits of a charity event and so nice that it was going towards the guys that would be there to protect us if need be. In fact they were actually called out to a job while the event was going on but got back just in time for some dunk tank action!dsc00388 dsc00389 dsc00390 dsc00391 dsc00392 dsc00393 dsc00394 dsc00396 dsc00398 dsc00399 dsc00400 dsc00402 dsc00404dsc00407 dsc00406dsc00405dsc00403 dsc00408 dsc00409 dsc00410

There was a fab turn out and it was great to feel a part of our local community. It was also great to get out with all three boys and do something we could all enjoy without it being a stressful experience! We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for anymore local events of which I’m sure there will be a ton with Halloween and Christmas hot on our heels!


Do you take part in your local communities events?


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Stephanie moore
    20th September 2016 at 9:19 pm Reply

    Botley use to have a wonderful Christmas evening for the lights switch on. I use to go every year with my Mum, all the shops would open up and offer mince pies and drinks. Father Christmas would come through and everyone would sing carols around the tree. It’s not as big now but still a nice evening. Botley is so lovely for community events.

    • Jessica
      20th September 2016 at 9:20 pm Reply

      Ooh thanks lovely that’s great to know! Will definitely keep an eye out for that event 🙂 Are you still local?

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