Big things for Channel Mum

Well this week has been a wonderful one for us Channel Mum ladies; I thought I was super proud before to be part of the team but now I’m just ecstatic.

If by any chance you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard of Channel Mum then you can read about them and my relationship with them here. You can also check out their Youtube channel which is full of amazing parenting stories as well as my Youtube playlist which is full of dedicated videos for them.

This week Channel Mum has been all over the world wide web with news that ITV has taken a minority stake in the business (see article here). This has not only meant that this little face was featured in The Sun but also means huge things for the Channel Mum community and millennial mums alike. We’re already associated with huge brands including Panasonic and Pampers and now that ITV are on board there really is no stopping us!

I couldn’t be prouder of Siobhan and everyone else at Channel Mum and I’m so so honoured to be a part of something that is seriously making a difference to the future of parenting.

Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!!

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