Ok I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve always had clear skin, in fact since puberty I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment with absolutely no spots at all. However since being pregnant things have gotten worse!

It’s all of those hormone spots on my jaw line, and random unwelcome visitors on my forehead. Now I’m not going to totally put the blame on the bump, but the sudden increase in chocolate cravings and general appetite is down to someone isn’t it?!

So I’ve been searching for the best type of natural products to make from home as I hate not being able to read half of the ingredients on the labels. Plus there are so many products that are labelled as unsafe for pregnant women to use.

I found that the best result was none other than bee loving honey. I used Rowse Squeezable Organic Honey as it’s 100% pure, and easy to use. Here are some of the many benefits for using honey to fights against pregnancy skin problems and the ways to use it.


Honey face mask

Honey has natural antibacterial properties so it get’s rid of the germs on top of your skin, thus preventing future breakouts. It also adds moisture to dehydrated skin. Simply apply a thin layer to your face, especially the troubled areas, leave it for 20 minutes then wash it away with warm water. 


 Honey spot treatment

Honey is also clarifying, meaning that it opens up your pores and draws out and nasty impurities you may have hiding away. If you dab a small amount on your spots than you can leave it on while you sleep. This isn’t ideal for someone who wriggles about a lot in the night though!


Honey cleanser

Honey is really great for dissolving make up! If you mix it with an oil to make it glide across your face easier then it can make for the perfect natural make up remover. I used jojoba oil as it smells lovely and is full of nutrients and minerals that help with healing and  reducing inflammation.

Honey exfoliator

The final tip that I discover on my honey quest, was creating an exfoliator by mixing honey with plain, dried oats. The mixture can be applied like a mask, then when you wash it off gently rub the mixture into your skin to get rid of any dead skin cells and dirt.

All in all I loved using honey on my face! It made my skin feel smooth and gave it a lovely glow. I did however find that unless I tied my hair up tightly it would fall on my face leaving it sticky and a pain to brush, and when I had it left on for too long my face became warm and I had no choice but to lick if off before it dripped off my face!

Give it a go and see how your skin feels!


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