I’ve always suffered from one back problem or another, but holy crap not as bad as this! I’m 21 weeks pregnant and I think Rabbit has decided to either constantly lean on my spine, or do a little tap dance on it while I’m asleep.

Instead of making the effort to go to the doctor or see a chiropractor like I should, I decided to be a rebel and try to fix it myself using tips from the good old internet.

Excluding the obvious avoiding lifting heavy objects and keeping a good posture, here are my top tips that I have found to be pretty awesome!

1 – Microwaveable Hottie

Ok I’m not so sure that this is the actual name for it, but that’s what my mum has always called it and therefore how it shall be known! It looks like this and comes in all sorts of colours and patterns. I went for red and white paisley as it’s Christmas coming up and I thought i’d get into the festive spirit!il_340x270.361088981_ffam

All you need to do is pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes (not too much longer or it may explode) and it will be toasty warm! If you prefer a cooling sensation to relieve your pain then pop it in the freezer for a while to create a cold compress! You can then wrap it around the back of your neck or lower back, or even your knee if that’s your thing?

I tend to tuck it into my trousers so that it will stay in position around my lower back while I walk around. It also gives me a bit of junk in my trunk which is never a bad thing is it?

It’s filled with wheat grain and lavender which has a real soothing smell to it, but I’m sure that you can get different scents if you prefer. It’s natural which is always a big plus and can be reused over and over again!

It’s not just great for soothing back and neck pain, it’s also great for keeping your toes warm, placing on your head to relieve a headache, or wrapping around your belly to soothe period pains! The lavender scent makes you feel like you’re at an aromatherapy spa, or at least while you close your eyes and don’t let anyone into the house!

Quick tip – If you get chilly in bed then heat up the hottie, place it under the covers where your feet usually go, put your pillow on top of it and leave it there for a couple of minutes while you’re getting ready for bed. Once you get into bed you can wrap the hottie around your neck or back, have the warm pillow under your head and have a toasty patch for your feet to go on!


2 – Warm bath

This may seem like an obvious one but for me a warm bath really does do the trick! I think that Rabbit seems to love being in the water because he goes from being snug against my back to right out in front of my belly and performs some kind of mini synchronised swim! The weightless feeling is just great and with baby boy having a wriggle around the pressure comes off my back and gives a real sense of relief!

It’s actually making me consider a water birth, I mean if a bath helps to relieve pain now surely that has to be a sign of things to come right?….please say right!

warm bubble bath


Of course I light some of my favourite buttercream yankee candles, pour in some luxurious bubble bath and play my favourite Mandara Spa CD that I bought when we went on holiday to the Maldives. I mean, if you’re going to have a bath you might as well really have a bath! Every pregnancy book tells you to relax and take the time to pamper yourself so what better way to do just that while relieving an aching back? It’s practically a prescription!

So there you have it my two favourite winter warmer back pain relievers! I’m just hoping that they stick, my belly is already itching at Rabbits upcoming growth spurt so fingers crossed he will be all out in front and not even better at his spinal tap dancing!


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