Top 5 baby wraps and the DL on baby wearing

When I first had Jasper I tended to pop him in his pushchair wherever he went. It just seemed so convenient if he’d fallen asleep in his carseat to slot it onto our Bugaboo frame; or if we were going for a stroll to simply lay him in his basinet. It was mainly because we’d spent a fortune on our pushchair and I wanted to get my moneys worth but also because it was so easy to set up and looked so beautiful I kind of wanted to show it off all of the time.

This time around though, I feel I need to be a bit more practical. Yes I still love our pushchair and will keep hold of it for long days out but with a toddler in tow I’m looking for a solution that’s a bit easier and I’m really leaning towards baby wearing. If we’re popping into a shop or for a quick walk that’s manageable for Jasper; or even if I’m nipping out while Jasper’s at nursery; I think it will be so much easier to ‘wear’ baby and have my hands free for holding Jaspers hand and carrying his bag. It’ll also be great for me to simply take the umbrella fold stroller we have for Jasper and be able to push him in that while wearing bambini. To be honest it works in all scenarios; if we do take the double pushchair out with us; both Rhys and Jasper can have a seat while baby is in a wrap or baby can be in the pushchair with one of the boys while the other one walks or goes on the buggy board. We’d be pretty set for all occasions really so I think it’s definitely something I’d like to invest in.

I did try this with Jasper and it was fab for doing jobs around the house. I made my own moby wrap from a Youtube tutorial and I thought it was fab but because I didn’t use it from the start he never really warmed to it and always preferred to be laid down or simply carried by me. I figure if I start early with this one though; he’ll hopefully love it and we can live like the perfect chic baby wearing duo!


Here are some fab benefits of baby wearing:

+ The upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux

+ Hands-free – need I say more?

+ Good exercise for mama

+ Reduces stimulation such as smells, sights and sounds to distract babies from feeding

+ They help baby to feel more secure

+ They’re a great bonding for fathers, grandparents and siblings

+ They’re much more economical than a stroller or carrier

+ They allow for discreet nursing


So here are some wraps I’m looking at. I’d love your opinions on them if you’ve tried them or if you can suggest any alternatives that would be fab too!


Solly baby Wrap – $65


+ Ships from the US so may be hit with customs charges

+ 100% Certified Lenzing Modal, sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees

+ Made for up to one year/ 25 pounds (whichever comes first)

+ One size fits all

+ $1 of every Solly Baby wrap bought goes to Every Mother Counts –  for a safe birth for a mother around the world. 

Thoughts – gorgeous colours available especially the collabs; love the brand ethic, tad pricey but I’m sure worth it!

Happy Baby Wrap $48


+ Lightweight and breathable – perfect for the hotter months (if we ever get any)
+ Fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit every time!
+ Fits up to 25 lbs
+Luxuriously soft
+ Machine washable

Thoughts – Really gorgeous shades available, I especially love the seafoam one and they’re a reasonable price.

Elki Baby Wrap $77.50 _dandelion_

+ Made in Australia

+ Handmade to order

+ Made from Eco-friendly Bamboo fabric – light, breathable, soft and gentle to touch

+ One size fits most

+ Suitable for up to 8-10kg

+ Comes with a matching wrap pocket that will help keep your wrap tidy when not in use

+ Folds up small enough to fit into any nappy bag, handbag or beach bag meaning it is always on hand

Thoughts –  Definitely the most pricey I’ve seen but I love that it comes with a pocket to keep it in and that it’s handmade and from eco-friendly material.



Modern Wrap – $78

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.38.11+ Made from supima cotton/micro modal

+ One size fits most

+ Up to 61% lighter, 27% narrower and 3.5 feet shorter than other wraps

+ Comes with a matching drawstring storage bag to store and protect it

+ Lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for any climate

+ It has slim and tapered tails making it easy to tie up

Thoughts – Really gorgeous patterns, especially this grid one! I love that it comes with a drawstring bag and that it’s lighter, narrower and shorter than most!



Hip Baby Wraps – 49.95Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.43.50

+ Easily adjustable – can be used for front tummy to tummy and hip carries for infants through toddlers

+ Handwoven

+ Made form 100% cotton with aluminium rings

+ For babies 8-35 lbs

+ Fair trade

+ Individually handwoven with eco-friendly non- toxic dyes in India so each wrap is beautiful and unique

Thoughts –  Really reasonably prices, great brand ethics and I love the bold and bright colours!



These are the ones I’m toying between; if you have any suggestions please do pop them below! Oh and of course head over and check out these gorgeous brands!!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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