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As this is my second bambino I’ve decided that I don’t want to go for the full shebang of a baby shower and instead will be hosting a baby sprinkle. As much as I loved all of the ‘it’s a boy’ decor and pin the sperm on the uterus games when I celebrated the upcoming arrival of Jasper; I decided this time around I wanted something a little more low key. We pretty much have everything that we need left over from Jasper and anything else that I want I’m being a bit fussy with as, (broken record alert) being my last one, I really want to dress him exactly how I want and spend a little more on shopping independently from Instagram and Etsy stores; and I’m not the type to specify which £20 a piece muslins I’d like my guests to buy and from which store.

So with that in mind, I decided a baby sprinkle would be perfect. For those of you that don’t know, a baby sprinkle is a relatively new craze and is catered towards mumas having their second or later baby. Some people, myself included, don’t like the idea of a second baby shower as like I said we already have everything that we need, but I also believe every new baby to the family should be celebrated and that’s why I wanted to celebrate this little mans pending arrival. Many mumas will choose to have one if they’re having a different gender to their first baby and don’t want to use their sons blue baby-grows on their little lady; but this isn’t the case with us; I simply want to get my closest ladies together and celebrate baby Avey.

Baby sprinkles are often a lot smaller than baby showers; less people, no need for presents and typically less fuss. So me and my mum decided it would be lovely to book a venue for afternoon tea. With everything that’s been going on in our family lately I just wanted to really take the pressure off; and booking a venue means it’ll be less costly, less set up and no tidying up for us; plus it would be a lovely day out for our ladies.

We’re having it at a lovely stately home near where I live; I found a venue that was really reasonably priced per person and I’ve really stressed to everyone not to worry about gifts as I just want to enjoy the day with them; plus I know after travel it will still be a little bit of a pricey day. If the weather is nice we can sit outside on the terrace overlooking the lake and just enjoy some girl time as many of the ladies I wouldn’t have seen for a long time!

Even though the food is all prepared for us and we don’t really need to decorate I thought I’d share some ideas I’ve found on Pinterest – all gender neutral and very baby sprinkle appropriate!


Stationary: I’ve gone for good old Facebook and messaging to invite my guests but I thought this format would look beautiful for thank you cards. It’s very simple and minimalistic which I love and ties in the sprinkle theme very nicely!


Decor: We won’t really need to decorate as the venue is stunning already but I think it would be nice to make our table look a little different to the other diners, so these would be the perfect touches


Fill a glass square jar with sprinkles and then pop in some flowers, real or artificial. If you’re going for real no need for water if you do them on the day, just transfer them to a vase of water later if you’d like to keep them fresh.


Add stickers or coloured tape strips to a plain white balloon, whether it be a foil one like this or a clear white one like below.


You could also fill a clear white balloon with confetti before blowing it up so the confetti either falls to the bottom or clings to the sides.


I know I said I dont want the typical its a boy style decor, but I love the white balloons with gold foil and as they come as a set of three … why not!?


I love the idea of these flowers in cones in glasses. Of course the colour wouldn’t work for me but with white roses or a lilac colour they’d be perfect!


Sweet treats: Afternoon tea is being provided so thats the drinks, savouries and sweets all thought of but I am thinking of getting a cake for people to take home with them and these snacks are lovely ideas if you’re catering yourself.


It looks and probably tastes sickly sweet but what a cute little snack idea!


What a simple yet scrummy looking cake! Plus it looks super easy to D.I.Y


A cute little idea for your glasses. Wet the rims and dip them in sprinkles for this lovely touch!


Violet lemonade tea cakes – these look sunning and Im sure taste scrumptious too! What a beautiful shade of violet, perfect for both boys and girls!


Macaroons! These have to be my favourite sweet treat and why not add a touch of blue to the party?


oh me oh my, sprinkle your macaroons with petals for this gorgeous whimsical effect


Favours: It’s always lovely to give your guests a little something to take home, especially if they’re travelling from far and wide.

A mini tube of sprinkles would make the perfect gift for your baking buddies but for a safe bet why not go for bath confetti? That way their next pampering session is on you!

A mini tube of sprinkles would make the perfect gift for your baking buddies but for a safe bet why not go for bath confetti? That way their next pampering session is on you!

Okay not particularly baby sprinkle themed but who doesnt love a succulent?

Okay not particularly baby sprinkle themed but who doesnt love a succulent?

mini sweet pea seeds for your guests to grow from home

Flower seeds for your guests to plant and grow at home. How lovely if they could plant them on the day your baby is born and then watch them grow together?


Well those are my baby sprinkle ideas. I’ll be posting an outfit inspiration post or three too as I’ve been browsing ASOS for some lovely dresses to wear and thought they’d warranted a separate post from this.

Would you host a baby sprinkle or go for another baby shower? Perhaps you’d simple leave it after the first one? If you have any ideas please do leave links in the comments for myself and everyone else to see; and of course share any links to pictures from your baby showers or sprinkles!

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


*All photo credits – Pinterest


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