A Baby Moon at Portals Hills Boutique, Mallorca

As part of my pregnancy bucket list I really wanted to make sure that me and Pete got away for a baby moon. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s simply a holiday before your baby comes; kind of like the honeymoon to a wedding, except before the main event rather than after. It’s basically an excuse to get away and relax before the craziness of a newborn hits you, and I know this sounds silly but I really wanted to wear a bikini with my bump.

When I was pregnant with Jasper we lived in Dubai for the first two months but I wasn’t showing and then we went on a baby moon to the Maldives but again I wasn’t showing (even though I did push my belly out for pictures haha).

We initially planned a week or so away at the end of April, somewhere further afield, perhaps Miami, but with a lot going on this year we knew that wouldn’t really work now so last week we booked a mega last minute trip to Mallorca. We went on Friday morning, very early and came back Sunday evening so it really was a flying visit but absolutely perfect for what we needed. Mallorca is fab as it’s only 1hr 50 minutes away and as I get restless legs that was about all I could stand on the plane. Pete only needed to take a day off work too as we went over the weekend which was perfect and it meant that childcare for Jasper was easier as family members didn’t need to take any time off.

The weather could have been warmer, it was around 18 degrees celsius on average which don’t get me wrong, was beautiful compared to England, but there was a slight wind at times which meant my bikini was often teamed with goosebumps! I wouldn’t have wanted anything too hot thought as I do still get out of breath sometimes and didn’t want to burn. It was so wonderful to just lay there, baby-free, feeling the warm sun on our faces. It did feel a little awkward sat next to locals in coats and scarves – we felt like proper Brits, but it just felt heavenly.

As we were only there for three days and two nights we really wanted to make it as stress-free as possible, so we went all out. We also knew that we probably wouldn’t have another holiday this year, unless it’s a similar weekend away, so we spent probably more than we’d spent on our last family of four holiday for a week; it was so worth it though!  We booked the most beautiful hotel, Portals Hills Boutique; which was the most luxurious 5 star we’ve ever stayed in. I’l be doing a full review as I honestly couldn’t fault it but to give you an idea, the decor was Fendi and Gucci and the staff we’re just amazing. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for us; if something wasn’t on the menu – no problem they’d make it. Not a hand was lifted while we were there and it truly made it an unforgettable experience!

We spent the days lounging by the pool, eating delicious food and strolling by the port. Pete smoked cigars and drank champagne while I sipped on tea and mocktails and divulged in trashy magazines and guilt-free instagramming! In the evenings we were pampered in the spa and went to quaint little restaurants for steak and lobster – I literally ate better in those three days than I have my whole life!

Tensions had been high with me and Pete for many reasons and we both felt like we needed that quality time together to remind ourselves of why we were where we were. We both reminded each other so much of ourselves when we first started dating and it reminded us how important it is to have date nights and us-time; and to just enjoy life. Pete knew how much I needed that time away too; not only because being pregnant with a toddler is exhausting but because of all the stresses going on in our lives; so he really did spoil me. I finished my spa treatment to be told my husband had said I could have whatever I wanted from the products (he clearly hadn’t seen the prices); I didn’t go crazy though and just chose a St Barths face mask for 70 euros (I think he regretted his offer when I told him that haha). I also got free reign of his credit card at the airport (haul to come soon) and was met with the perfect gent, opening doors and making special food and drink requests for me – I could have gotten use to that!

We also made sure to book valet parking and use Pete’s lounge access membership to keep the travel aspects as stress-free as possible too; although it was far from stress-free! Due to the French air traffic control strikes we were delayed by 5 hours, we also had our private car turn up on the wrong day to take us to the airport; Pete’s lounge card wasn’t working and there was a screaming child that would not sit down; it got to the point that the pilot told us she had two minutes to sit down or we’d all have to wait three hours for the next flight slot – luckily her parents managed to calm her down as there were a lot of angry passengers!

This all meant we felt far from relaxed by the time we got home but the effects of quality time have lasted so well and we’re in a great place now. Plus I have a little colour on my cheeks and some wonderful memories to keep me smiling!

I’ll leave you with some snaps of our holiday; mainly taken on my phone as I didn’t vlog while we were there; and please do keep an eye out for my hotel review, shopping haul and maternity dress review that’ll all be coming soon!DSC00482 DSC00496

View from our balcony

View from our balcony

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel

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  • livedwithlove
    24th March 2016 at 9:17 am Reply

    Aw it sounds fab, glad you had a nice break xx

    • Jessica
      25th March 2016 at 2:45 pm Reply

      it was so nice thanks lovely 🙂

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