Baby Led Weaning with Cow & Gate

When we first started weaning I found it a lot easier to give Jasper puree. He swallowed it easily (providing he liked the taste) and I didn’t worry about him choking as much. As time’s gone on though, I’ve tried to give him more whole pieces of food to get him used to  having to chew; and it’s going well … slowly but surely! Jaspy’s not one to rush with food, to be honest I think he’d live off milk if he could and even that is hard to get him to have sometimes!


Alongside the Cow & Gate 5 step weaning programs we introduced Baby Led Weaning (BLW if ya nasty). He has his two bottom teeth now so I felt more relaxed knowing that he could bite and breakdown the food better than when he was all gummy! So far Jaspy’s only tried a few foods, such as cheese, cooked carrot, broccoli and cauliflower and ham. He also has lots of baby biscuits and rice cake style crisps.

Of course half of it all ends up on the floor, Jaspy has really chubby hands and when he tries to grab things he kind of ends up dragging them to the edge of the table and knocking them off the side. He also has a habit of eating what’s in his hand but not being able to get to the bit that’s closed up in his fist. He ends up sucking on his fist until I manage to pry the squished food from his grip and reposition it so he can gnaw away.

I’d say he probably consumed 20% of what I put in front of him; the rest gets divided up between the floor, his lap, my shoulder, down his sleeve and quite often, in-between his double chin! Oh how I love that squishy chin! Because of this I make sure to stick to his formula feeds and most means I end up doing a puree meal and some baby led at the same time.

We were recently sent a new high chair from I was able to choose which one I wanted and went for the Chicco Pocket Lunch in Sand. I love how neutral it is so it doesn’t stand out too much in our dining area.


The highchair is really easy to pack up and put away making weaning with Jaspy ever so easy. I have found that having Jaspy in a highchair rather than the bumper seat on a normal chair has made him eat a lot better. He feels much more secure being strapped in across his chest as appose to just across his lap. He doesn’t lean forward as much which used to make it extremely hard to try and get the food near his mouth! haha

The highchair is perfect for Baby Led Weaning as it has such a large tray that goes quite wide across him. Before he would sit up at the table and always drop things down his lap which would go straight onto the floor. In the Chicco Pocket lunch at least it lands on his lap or the seat around him so I can save it to re-feed him!

Look how scrummy he looks!highchairssssss



Are you Baby Led Weaning or giving puree? 

Is your bambino in a highchair or bumbo?


Thanks for reading!



  • Dianne
    6th December 2014 at 2:14 pm Reply

    Highchair looks perfect. Lovely and padded and Jasper seems really content in it. x

    • Jessica
      6th December 2014 at 9:01 pm Reply

      It goes perfectly 🙂 He does love it, definitely happier in it than in the bumper seat!

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