Baby led weaning with Babean

As you may know me and Jaspy are starting our weaning journey and I’ve been going back and forth between puree or baby led weaning. To be honest I had to google baby led or BLW as it’s shortened to. I thought that finger foods were for a lot later on in the weaning journey but it’s interesting to know that they can be used from early on!

With that in mind I decided to explore both options. I found this fab baby food company at the Farnham food festival called Babean. They provide a range of really different foods such as Quinoa balls, falafels and mini muffins.

As I want Jasper to try a few ingredients separately before I give him  combinations of tastes and flavours, we decided to let Rhys do the testing for him!


Firstly he tried the sticky quinoa balls which were a hit! He had to have them warmed up in the microwave, which made them perfect for the chilly weather we were having.

IMG_3059 IMG_3056
IMG_3042 IMG_3040 IMG_3039

They came as a four pack and made the perfect little snack to keep him going between main meals. He also tried courgette and sultana muffins and ricotta, tomato and puy lentil spread.

Rhys wasn’t too keen on the spread, I think his sauces taste hasn’t really reached past ketchup yet but I trie it and it was delicious!

I’ll definitely be picking up some more pieces from Babean for when Jaspy has a bit more of an adventurous palette.  They do a whole bunch of yummy flavoured foods which make a fab change from the mainstream snacks.

Thanks for reading xx

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