Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that Jasper used to suffer terribly with his skin. I won’t go into too much detail incase you already know but you can check out my previous posts on it here if you want to know a bit more. To round it up though Jasper had eczema and dermatitis from a very young age. At some points it looked like burns on his skin and seeing him scratch himself till he often bled broke my heart. We were pushed from doctor to dermatologist and tried every lotion, steroid cream and herbal remedy under the sun and nothing worked; that was until we tried Aveeno.

We were recommended Aveeno by some lovely readers of this blog and followers on social media when I put a desperate shout out for something that could work and oh my goodness it was like a miracle cure. Aveeno products are pure and natural and contain one key ingredient that I hadn’t seen in any other product – colloidal oats which help to reduce the itching and irritation of eczema! screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-11-55-55

We’d only been using it for a matter of days when we started to see huge improvements in Jaspers skin and although his skin has never been newborn baby soft, his eczema has for the most part been kept at bay. We use it religiously and the only time he seems to get a flare up is when the weather changes drastically or if he wears an item of clothing that hasn’t been washed with the same detergent that I use!

I’ve always loved knowing that I’m putting something pure and natural on his skin and a bonus is that it can be prescribed at the doctors so I can use it sparingly without worrying about the cost!

Now being such a huge fan; to the point where I’d say it’s my most recommended brand to date; I was so so honoured to be invited not only to meet with the team in London for a synopsis but to be sponsored by them to attend this years Blogfest!

Myself and Jenson headed up the night before to stay in the hotel where the synopsis would be taking place and we were so pleased that our friends Emily and Jackson from Emily Norris were also staying so we could meet up with them for a little catch up before bed time!

In the morning we sat down to a healthy breakfast at a beautiful naturally decorated table that made me want to redo my home in ‘scandi’ style and we got to chat with the lovely team about the launch of their new Baby Range! Now I’d only ever used the Dry, Sensitive Range with the green packaging and as it had always worked I’d never really considered trying the specific baby products. I’d tried the products I already had on Jenson as I had no concerns that they wouldn’t be right for his newborn skin so I was really interested to know more about the benefits of the baby range and whether I should switch to it.

The team were so passionate about the products which is really refreshing not only as someone who is working with them but as a mother who is using their products on her childrens skin daily; it really filled me with confidence in their brand (not that I needed any more of that!).dsc02568

During the talk I learnt that a babies skin is more sensitive to temperature change than an adults as well as that it is 30% thinner and loses water twice as fast! Their baby range reflect on these needs which doesn’t mean that the their other range isn’t beneficial to a babies skin it simply means that their baby range is much more tailor made for their requirements.

We learnt about their new products, the Daily Care Barrier Cream, Soothing Relief Emollient Wash and Soothing Relief Emollient Cream which we even got to take home to try!

After the synopsis we headed over to Blogfest where we attended lots of talks, caught up with and met fellow bloggers and vloggers and got to talk with sponsors and brands. The talks I sat in on were all vlog focused which surprised me as I went with the intention to become inspired for my blog; but when I realised that the talks were joined by The SacconeJolys and Louise Pentland from Sprinkle of Glitter I couldn’t pass up the chance for their expert advice! They were really interesting to listen to and I learn lots of fab tips as well as getting some real inspiration which I’ve already used to work on my channel.

dsc02569 dsc02573

I also got to sit down and have a one on one with an expert from Youtube, who actually then gave a talk that I sat in on. She was amazing; logged into my channel and talked me through my stats giving me some great advice as well as reassuring me that my progress was great! It really gave me a confidence boost and has driven me to set lots of goals for next year!

Aside from Aveeno I wasn’t really interested in any of the sponsors so I hung out at their stand for a little bit which was decorated in pure fresh, cosiness! There was a fluffy blanket where the bambinos could lay and the giant mobile made us mumas feel like we could lay down for a nap!dsc02587 dsc02586 dsc02585

Before heading off to catch our train home I was grabbed by the team at Barclays to have a chat n camera about my blog and vlog tips. I’m not even sure what it was for so I’m looking forward to the email with all of the info that I can then hopefully share with you guys!


Since meeting with Aveeno we’ve been putting the new baby range to the test and I’m loving it so far!

Soothing Relief Baby Emollient Wash – We haven’t used an Aveeno bath emollient before, if I’m honest I didn’t know if they did one or not so we were using Childs Farm as it worked well with Jaspers skin. I’ve been using this Aveeno Baby one for a couple of weeks now and the boys skin sems tobe really good still. It lathers up enough to give enough bubbles to make you feel like there is something in the bath and for it to be fun for the kids but it’s gentle, soft and scent -free. dsc02973

Soothing Relief Baby Emollient Cream – I’ve been using this instead of the Dry, Sensitive Range one for a couple of weeks now and again the boys skin seems to be doing really well. I did make the mistake of doing a wash load of the boys clothes in a different detergent and Jasper came up in patches of eczema and Jenson has started to show some behind his knees but I’ve rewashed everything and the patches are going down on Jasper. Jensons are still quite sore so I’m going to keep using this on them for a little while longer and then maybe try the barrier cream or the Dry and Sensitive Range if thy don’t get better.

Daily Care Barrier Cream – I’ve been using this on Jasper at night time as he still wears a nappy to bed and on Jenson since he got a bit of a sore bum (yes I waited till he had a sore bum rather than used it before as a preventative – lesson learned) and it’s soothed him well. It has the look and consistency of sudocrem, like a thick white cream but its not very thick and spreads on really easily.

If your little one or even yourself are struggling with eczema then I would 100% recommend Aveeno; whether it be the baby range or any of their other products. Do feel free to check out my other posts and videos where I mention them (you’ll see we really are huge fans!)

A big thank you to Aveeno for sponsoring us to go to Blogfest we had an amazing time!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Nell
    8th December 2016 at 11:14 pm Reply

    Aveeno is the only thing that worked for my niece. (and its great to use a little squirt of it as hand cream too) 🙂

    • Jessica
      9th December 2016 at 2:32 pm Reply

      oh yes I hadn’t thought to use it as handcream what a fab idea!

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