Autumn scavenger hunts and sensory play*

One thing I hate about the copious amounts of toys that these kiddies have is how seasonal they are. I don’t mind having a home full of toys as long as they’re being used; it’s when Summer toys are sat collecting dust during the Winter time and vice versa that I just want to go on a mass clear out – Marie Kondo-ing the crap out of my house!

After a brief search for outdoor Autumn/ Winter toys I gave up and started thinking how I could reuse the boys Summer toys and I started with their Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table we were kindly sent to review. This is something I only ever thought to get out when the sun was shining and Jasper could run around in his swimming shorts/ in the nude; but it seemed such a waste to just sit around not being used during the colder months.

I hit up good old Pinterest and found a whole heap of Autumnal water table inspiration and knew that a scavenger hunt was in order! I’ve been wanting to do one with Jasper for so long now but it’s hard to convince him that it’s exciting to collect sticks and feathers if they’re not going to be used for anything afterwards; Jasper is a ‘why?’ kind of kid so to give him the answer ‘to go in our water table’ made it all the more exciting for him!

We took to our favourite place, Royal Victoria Country Park with our friends from Mumma and Bubbas and between feeding the ducks and playing in the park we set off exploring the trees and foliage for scavenger hunt goodies! I made a mental note of all things Autumnal that I remembered hunting for when I was little and it was so much fun to re-live those memories.
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With a welly boot (don’t ask) full of Autumnal delights including pine cones, acorns, conkers and crunchy leaves Jasper was ready to get back out in the fresh air of the garden and start his Autumn water table fun!

Of course you could do this with a tray of water but it made it so much more fun for Jasper to use the features of his water table and really bring it back to life. He used the cup to pour conkers down the funnel, flung them on the catapult (warning they blady hurt when they hit you on the head!) and spun pine cones around the ferris wheel part. It was a great way to learn the names of all of the pieces we’d picked up and we even made little obstacles courses to see how many instructions Jasper could remember e.g.

‘drop the conkers down the funnel

spin the pine cone

fling the conker

find the feather’

He had such fun fishing, making soup and washing the items; it was such a great way to bring out his imagination all while teaching him about Autumn. dsc01117dsc01115dsc01113dsc01112 dsc01118 dsc01121 dsc01125 dsc01126

Have you got any ideas for outdoor Autumn fun? We’re planning to go tree-rubbing soon as well as making an Autumnal table centrepiece and garland but we’re always looking for more great ideas so please do pop any in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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  • Dianne
    5th October 2016 at 1:08 pm Reply

    Looks like he had brilliant fun X

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