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Whenever a new season comes around I often find myself stuck in a wardrobe rut. My problem is that I hang onto pieces that either don’t fit me or I don’t particularly like because I hate to see clothes go to waste. I keep them in my wardrobe season after season expecting something to change and all it does it clog up space and leave me feeling uninspired and frustrated when it comes to getting dressed every day. It got to a point where my wardrobe never changed seasonally, the same clothes stayed in it all year round so in effect half of my wardrobe wasn’t even being used at any given time which was such a waste of space.

This Summer I made some huge changes. Pushed by the fact that being heavily pregnant I couldn’t actually wear half of my Summer items anyway and was literally rotating between ten or so pieces out of a jam packed wardrobe; I decided to have a huge clear out and organise.  I cleared out any Summer pieces I hadn’t worn over the past two years and gave those to charity. I put in storage the pieces I would have worn had I not been pregnant e.g. crop tops, shorts and anything fitted. I then put all of my Autumn and Winter clothes into storage ready to do the same come Fall.

Well now the Fall season is upon us I’ve been hard at work. I’ve packed away my Summer pieces ready for next year; I’ve popped my maternity wardrobe into a bag ready to sell/ donate and I’ve had a huge de clutter of my Autumn/Winter pieces. Again, anything I hadn’t worn the past two Autumns has gone andI’m left with items I truly love.

What this has enabled me to do is really see my wardrobe. I can actually put outfits together at a glance and can see what staple items my wardrobe has and what things I’d really like to buy/need to buy.

One thing I loved about my Summer pregnancy was that I got to buy practically all new stuff as my last pregnancy was mainly during the Winter. I could have made do with my looser fitting clothes but knowing it was my last pregnancy meant I wanted to really make the most of my bump and rock some awesome maternity wear. Well now I’ve got the bug for having a new wardrobe for a season and instead of sticking to my old faithfuls, I want to spice it up a bit and add some new favourites. This isn’t to say I’ll be doing a complete overhaul of my wardrobe every season, it just means I’ll be buying some new staple pieces to see me through new trends.

I’ve made a small wish list of all of the pieces I’d like to add to my wardrobe this year that I’m hoping will be staple pieces to a capsule wardrobe and will see me through many Autumns to come! There’s lots from the Tommy Hilfiger sale and all items are from a discount site that finds the best bargains, at huge reductions and for amazing brands such as Ralph Lauren, Topshop, Kurt Geiger and more!


I already have Ugg style boots and my Hunter wellies as well as some Chelsea boots so these calf-high boots would be perfect for wearing with leggings and a cable knit sweater dress and these gorgeous high top trainers would be fab for busy mum days again with leggings and baggy sweaters.



Tops wise I have a lot of blouses and t-shirts but I really want a nice denim shirt this year, an oversized one like this that can go with leggings or if I’m brave enough white skinny jeans and ankle boots!


Every year I plan to get a new coat and never do; I end up living in my old faithfuls or layering up with an extra cardigan. I’m always caught in the rain in a coat with no hood, or end up wearing a heavy duty coat out to lunch so this Autumn I’m investing in one or two (or three) coats for all occasions! First up is a simple camel coat, not for park dates or puddle jumping but perfect for shopping trips and lunches out.

Next up a parker; cosy and practical for adventures outdoors. Not to be worn on a girls night out, something I can reserve for family fun!

Lastly, a faux leather jacket. I don’t feel cool enough to rock a biker style one so this is a nice alternative. It would be lovely for date nights and girls nights out.

I’m seriously running low on cardigans, I have a load of super thin ones and a couple of cheapy plain ones but I really want to invest in something a bit more stylish whilst still being cosy and warm.These oversized knit cardigans are just what I’m looking for although the cream may have to be reserved for non-kid occasions!


Last up, accessories! I rarely wear hats in cold weather but often complain of a cold head so this year I’m opting for a stylish federa for lunch and shopping dates and a cosy bobble hat for outdoor adventures. I’ll also be grabbing a new chunky oversized scarf to wrap around me and add a bit of detail to a plain outfit!




What wardrobe staples couldn’t you live without? What’s on your wish list?

Thanks for reading!
Jess x


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