Autumn apple picking

My parents still live in the same family home that I grew up in, which although lovely, is something that I’ve only really started to appreciate recently. It’s never been a place to fill me with nostalgia, remembering my childhood as I sit in certain places or go into certain rooms. Of course I had an amazing childhood there and I feel my most comfortable there but I just never walk through the door and associate it with my childhood … until now. Now I have a mini me to re-live my childhood for me; playing in my old wendy house, hiding in the same hiding places I used to, picking the apples from the same apple trees. It’s like I’m seeing me, little scruffy blonde haired me in my ‘I may be small but I’m the boss’ t shirt and floral cycling shorts, running around the huge garden which must have seemed like a football pitch at the time.

Jasper is at a wonderful (albeit tiring and frustrating at times) stage just now. His imagination is taking ahold of him and he’s so into everything. I see him sit with his little action figures making up stories and scenarios or leaping from the sofa shouting that he’s a pirate jumping from a sunken ship and I just can’t believe his mind can create such fantasies. It makes me so much more determined now to really feed his imagination and let him create his own fun rather than depending on television and heaps of plastic toys. I want to see him outdoors, exploring and discovering the beauty of nature as well as burning some much needed energy off ready for peaceful bedtimes *wishful thinking*.

Whenever we go to my parents house Jasper loves going out into the garden with my dad to feed the tortoises. He also loves to help Grandad water the plants using his miniature watering can; and as he loves fruit and vegetable picking so much I thought it would be great for me and Dad to take him apple picking in their garden.

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Mum and Dad also have a super cute little fairy door down at the end of their garden which Jasper likes to knock on. He doesn’t get too excited by it surprisingly but I’m working on it; I love it when I catch glimmers of magic in his eyes and Autumn seems to be full of opportunities to do this what with Christmas just around the corner!

dsc01390 dsc01391

Another thing Jasper has really gotten into lately is football! We never really play it at home but I think he must play it at nursery because he’s really good! I was so surprised at how good he was at kicking, stopping and dribbling with the ball; not because I doubted his ability but because I’d never seen it before. It’s crazy how their little talents develop and I’ll definitely be feeding this one and will maybe even look for a local toddler club where he can start to play – did I hear you say soccer mom?

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Of course we couldn’t have such a fun packed afternoon without getting Jenson involved. I bought him this super cute bear suit from HM to keep him snuggly this Autumn as all of Jaspers old Winter clothes I’d saved are the next size up. He looked so adorable in it that I just had to get some snaps of him dozing about in the wildflowers; and of course with Grandma who may I say is looking absolutely stunning for someone who less just over a month ago finished chemo!

dsc01355dsc01356 dsc01358 dsc01361 dsc01364 dsc01367



Well that’s another one off the Autumn Bucket list although I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot more apple picking this season. Do you have any scrummy apple recipes for me, throw your crumbles, pies and any alternatives at me … I’m ready!


Thanks for reading,

Jes x


  • Dianne
    13th October 2016 at 10:14 pm Reply

    Fantastic pictures Jessie. He had a great day… did dad x

    • Jessica
      17th October 2016 at 8:12 pm Reply

      He certainly loves his Grandparents <3

  • rialangner
    16th October 2016 at 8:12 am Reply

    Aww, apple picking is on my bucket list too. I know what you mean about suddenly appreciating your childhood home, hide and seek and suddenly remembering when it was you x x x

    • Jessica
      17th October 2016 at 8:12 pm Reply

      It’s so fun isn’t it? We’re going to go pumpkin picking this weekend and then do some apple and pumpkin baking 🙂

  • Dianne
    27th October 2016 at 11:48 am Reply

    Or just push one on a stick and dip it in chocolate ?

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