ASOS 20% discount

Since having Jasper I’ve treated myself to the odd new item of clothing, a top here, leggings there but nothing too extravagant.

Last night I went on my first night out with the girls, just drinks and dinner but so lovely to get out and spend some time with my friends in a non baby related setting!

Anyway, it was quite last minute so I didn’t have time to buy anything new, this made me realise how out of date my wardrobe is! Everything ‘going outy’ is what I bought living in Dubai and almost a year old!

So today I’m focusing on updating my wardrobe and very conveniently found that have 20% off all items today only with the checkout discount EPIC20


I have my eye on this ASOS SALON Printed Embellished Dress

*Ends 8am Monday
*Excludes some brands

I also came across this awesome site where you can get ASOS, Nordstrom and Finish Line discounts as well as coupons and cash back! I’d never considered getting cask back before, it always seems like a supermarket type of thing but it’s actually a fab way to save money. It takes a little longer than simply having the money off from vouchers but I think that’s great as you’re in effect, saving the money for later!

I don’t know about you but that’s my afternoon sorted!

Happy shopping!

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