An angel in heaven

Last night I read a blog post that brought me to tears. It made me sob and it make me hold my little Jasper that extra bit tighter.

The post was by diary of an addict, and spoke of the tragic loss of her friends little boy Ryan who so sadly was taken to heaven last Friday.

The sweet 3 year old boy was playing with a frisbee when he was hit by a truck, so sudden and shocking.

It’s unexplainable, unimaginable and quite frankly unfair. I can’t even begin to comprehend how those that knew him must be feeling when (as someone who didn’t even know him) I’m brought to tears just writing this.

Now this is where we all come together, not only those that knew him but those that want to share a prayer for Ryan and his family.

You probably think it’s strange that I’m writing this post as I didn’t know him but the family have asked the blogging community to rally together and keep his spirit alive by sharing pictures, kind words, prayers and words of support for this beautiful boy. This beautiful boy that loved life and having fun, and his unbelievably strong parents Jacqui and Dan who are loving and supporting each other through this difficult time.

It was devastating, it still is and always will be so let’s do what we can and should by keeping his beautiful memory alive with the hastag #RedBalloonsforRyan


You can show your support through Jacqui and Dans Instagrams @babyboybakery and @danno12 and see more on the beautiful family from diary of an addict here

Let’s not let Ryan be forgotten


Rest in peace Ryan Cruz Saldana 5.2.2014

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