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I’ve always had a keen interest in organic and natural skincare products but since having Jasper, who’s suffered on and off with his skin for months, I’ve really upped my love for all things pure.

When you’re spending so much time and effort trying to make sure what goes on your childs skin is safe and natural, it really does end up rubbing off on you. I can change what I wash Jaspers clothes with but when he cuddles me he touches my clothes, so I may as well wash mine with his ‘for sensitive skin’ wash too. When there’s a big old tub of Aveeno moisturiser on the bathroom shelf I may as well use it on myself when I get out of the shower, rather than have a different one for each of us!

I find that we all eat a lot healthier and generally live a healthier lifestyle because I’ve spent so long trying to banish Jaspers poorly skin and now I love to find new and wonderful health products.

We were recently asked to review the Forever Living range and were kindly sent some Aloe products to try out. I’ve used Aloe products a few times and always remember buying pure Aloe squeezed into a washed out whisky bottle from a man on a beach in Barbados. He said it would work magic on my sunburn and oh my goodness was he right!

I’ve been a fan ever since so was really delighted to give the Aloe Propolis Creme and Aloe Hand and Face Soap a go. Aloe has so many wonderful health benefits; it’s known as the plant of immortality to the Egyptians and aside from aiding in lowering cholesterol, relieving heart reflux and increasing weight loss; it’s heavenly for your skin.

The properties of Aloe are soothing, moisturising, hydrating and act as a preventative to sun damage. It also aids in removing dead skin cells, stretch marks and acne scars!

Both the products we were sent are suitable for all of the family to use, so I’ve given it a go on the boys as well as myself and Pete using it. The hand and face soap is wonderful to use on the boys faces during bath time or just before dinner for their hands, it’s really light and gentle which is just what you want of you’re dealing with delicate baby skin.

The moisturiser is a nice rich cream and smells delicious! I put it on the boys after their bath and their skin was yummy smelling even after a full nights sleep!

I would definitely recommend trying out some Aloe products, not only for your skin but your hair, teeth and so much more! The health benefits are endless and suitable for your whole family 🙂

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything skincare related so I hope you enjoyed it. I have a few more wonderful products and brands I’d like toys hare with you, especially for those of you with children hat suffer from eczema and dermatitis, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading guys,

Jess x


  • Sophie @ Mumology
    22nd October 2015 at 7:24 am Reply

    I bloody love Aloe Vera!! I had the same when I went to the Caribbean – using it raw is especially awesome xx

    • Jessica
      22nd October 2015 at 9:01 am Reply

      I’m pretty sure the guy that sold it to me stole it off the hotels Aloe Vera bush/tree haha

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