I’m a big lover of all things natural and organic. When I’m not searching for different ways to make my own cleansers and toners I’m on the hunt for products that are made from all natural ingredients.

Of course my skin is so important to me but whats more important is that of my families and I definitely pan to make sure that what I’m putting on the kiddies is completely natural and kind to their skin.

I was so excited when I was asked to review some Aleva Naturals baby products and jumped at the chance! Aleva Naturals produce baby and maternity skincare products that are natural and pant based. Developed by a naturopath, herbalist and pharmacist Aleva make sure that there are no nasty chemicals know to cause reactions. They are completely safe which is so important, especially when thinking of your newborns skin!

The first product to try was the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash.

photo 2-19

As little Rabbit isn’t here yet, Rhys got to do the review! Here he is all ready to give it a go ….

photo 2-18








The bottle has a pump dispenser which makes it a great self- foamer!photo 3-15








The wash has a mixture of lots of yummy plant based ingredients each with their own skin-goodness properties.

There’s tea tree oil to unblock tiny pores and prevent cradle cap, oatmeal to soothe, aloe vera to calm irritation and some other lovely ingredients full of antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties!

The wash smelt so yummy and natural, plus it lathered up really nicely and felt super smooth on Rhys’ skin, although he has pretty soft skin anyway! It washed out very easily too which is always a plus as no one wants to deal with a soap sudsy baby! 


…One happy, clean and snuggly customer!

photo 4-11









The next product to try out was the Daily Soothing Moisturiser.

photo 1-20








This one again has a pump dispenser which keeps you from pouring too much at a time or making a mess.

photo 5-5








The mixture went a long way but rubbed in pretty easily, which really helped as Rhys can be a right wriggler! It wasn’t greasy or sticky at all and made him look all soft and glowing 🙂

The moisturiser smelt delicious and had a combination of soothing ingredients including shea butter which contains vitamins E and A, sweet almond oil for vitamin D and jojoba oil (one of my favourite skincare ingredients) to prevent dryness.

I really love the products and will be using them on Rhys from now on. I’ll also be checking out the Nursing Balm for when I start breastfeeding.  I can’t wait to use them on Rabbit too once he’s here and may need to try out the Sleep Easy Baby Wash and Berry Bubble Bath!









A smooth and squeaky clean Rhys!


Thanks for reading guys!

*Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.