Adam Levine Perfume Review

When you hear the name Adam Levine what do you think of? For those who don’t know who he is, where have you been!? Just kidding, I had to google him! He’s the lead singer of Maroon 5. It’s not that I didn’t know who they were, in fact I love ‘She will be loved’ but I’m not great with names.1351686790_yahoo-adam-levine-467Faces however, those I can do! and (after googling to find out who he was) what sprung to mind was rugged, mysterious and sexy. Perfume brand though  I didn’t quite expect!

When the lovely ladies at The London Perfume Co  sent me some samples of Mr Levine’s new fragrances for him and her, I expected something very fitting to the singer himself and he certainly didn’t disappoint!

I wasn’t sure that I’d like the fragrance for her as I’m use to floral and sweet scents, like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and never really go for anything too different. I didn’t imagine this smelling anything like my usual.

The Eau de Parfum for her is exactly what you’d expect from Adam Levine and more (once you realise who he is!) It’s quite strong and only needs a light dab, and the scent is a combination of sexy and sweet! It’s not what I’d usually go for but with the sweet undertones I could definitely use it as my ‘evening scent’ – when I ever have the chance for an evening out again that is!

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I’m not great with knowing which perfumes for men are good or not. Showing how clueless I am by calling it perfume haha! I’ve always loved the smell of Joop, I even had a bottle of it myself when I was at school, how sad is that?! Pete always smells lush but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what he wears!

So I thought I’d get him to give a review of the Eau du Toilette for him. He said it was nice but he prefers scents that are more recognisable, ones that people will go up to him and ask ‘are you wearing ….?’ haha he’s so funny! But seriously the men’s fragrance represents Adam Levine’s image, sexy and rugged!Adam Levine Perfume

Both fragrances were exclusive to The Perfume Shop but are now available at The London Perfume Company now! Their official launch is this Friday and they’re offering the fab deal of 2-4-1 plus 2 free samples!


Definitely worth a purchase if you fancy a sweet and sexy fragrance for you or your partner, but I’d hold out till Friday to get the special offer!

Thanks for reading!

*Samples were sent to me for review by The London Perfume Co. Opinions are my own, I gave an honest review.


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