Ok I know my posts are usually pretty positive and I like that I’m not too much of a nag but I feel like I need to dedicate a post to my feking terrible sleep I’ve been having.

I’ve already mentioned that Rabbit gets active just as I want to sleep, and I don’t just mean a few karate chops I’m talking a hyper baby trying to escape! This I can forgive because although tiring it is cute and I do end up filming it anyway!

I’ve also mention that I get restless legs, a fab trait passed down from my dad, remind me to thank him, it’s hell! It’s always as I drift off and no matter what I try, bananas, Indian tonic water, moving around – it doesn’t stop!

I also moan a lot about Petes snoring as he sounds like a boar, but it’s nothing a jab in the ribs or a shout doesn’t sort out!

So those were enough to keep me up till gone 2 most mornings but now I’ve encountered a new range or pregnancy problems.

1- I can’t breathe on my back!
I’d read about this so should have seen it coming, but as my apps told me that I would experience it early on, which I never did, I thought I’d missed the boat … Oh no. Apparently it’s due to your uterus squishing the flow of oxygen to your brain (correct me if I’m wrong). If I lay on my back after a minute or so I get really short of breath. My nose is currently blocked from a cold so I have to take deeper breathes which end up making my mouth dry. If I have a drink guess what? I need to pee! So that rules out laying on my back!

2 – I can’t squish the baby!
I used to always sleep on my tummy. That is until Rabbit invaded my space and although I continued to do it for a while because I know he’s all protected in there, it’s now become too uncomfortable for me. There is a way I can put a pillow under one leg to lift my belly a bit but I’m a wriggler and it’s really restrictive.

3 – and this is only temporary mind – I had my whooping cough injection and it hurts to sleep on my left side!

I know I’m being a baby and usually I’m fine with jabs, in fact I normally think people who moan about them are pathetic; but this one … Wow! I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the arm (guessing what that feels like) and leaning on it is a fate worse than death ( ok a bit dramatic … It just really hurts)

So that leaves …

4 – The right side
Ok my side of the bed is the left which means that sleeping on my right makes me face Pete. Nothing wrong with this as he’s a bit of a looker even when he’s dribbling; but he’s one for sudden movements and farting. We’ve gotten over the Dutch oven phase (Google it if unsure) but even with my head out of the covers it’s gross. Plus with the sudden movements I worry he may bump the bump accidentally so I can never sleep easy on that side.

As I know I am due a life of sleeplessness once Rabbit arrives I really wanted to make the most of the sleep I can get now. Where I’m not working I get to stay in bed for as long as I want but once I’m awake I’m awake so although relaxing I end up blogging instead of catching Z’s!

I’m going to buy a body pillow to see if that works and maybe try some warm milk and honey to make me sleepier before bedtime. Any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Anyway that’s my dramatic rant over, you can ignore this hormonal pregnant lady!

Sleepless Muma to be

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