50 things that make me happy

What a wonderful list to make. I was tagged by my lovely chummys Sarah from The Knott Bump & Us and Stacey from Mummy and the bubbas to write 50 things that make me happy. It sounds like a lot but I have a feeling I’ll feel the need to add more once I’m started. Leggo …

1. Jasper – of course the little sproglet has to go first. His bouffon hairdo and all night partying drives me mad but god I love him!

2. My main men – Pete and Rhys. Those big and little loves that I’m soon to join as Aveys. They make my heart melt a little.

3. Fudge – any flavour, all day err day.

4. Sunshine

5. Peonies, sweetpea’s and blossom

6. Wooden toys. Timeless and classic.

7. Packaging. I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging.

8. Lists

9. The sea, lakes, rivers, ponds. Any bit of water I can walk by and stare at.

10. Almond butter

11. Work out classes – for some reason recently I get an overwhelming urge to happy cry in them

12. Music. If I could fill my life with it I would.

13. Laughter, especially of those I love.

14. Sleep, and boy do I miss it!

15. Cuddles from my boys

16. Good hair days

17. Rainy days indoors

18. Dubai; oh how I miss it!

19. Dancing. Dancing on a night out; dancing to Jaspy in his highchair and dancing on my own.

20. Afternoon Tea

21. Sunbathing

22. New clothes

23. Fresh bedding

24. A Clean House. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, well it’s just glorious!

25. Freshly painted nails

26. The first BBQ of the year

27. Blogging

28. Vlogging

29. My first morning cuppa

30. Photos. I’d fill every wall with pictures if I could

31. Minimalistic decor. Damn you Insta for driving my obsession!

32. Insta and Pinterest – hooked isn’t the word!

33. Buskers. Good ones.

34. Family days

35. Adverts. I used to make lists of my top 10. Yep.

36. Fond memories

37. The New Forest. So many fond memories were made here and soon we’ll make our biggest, getting married!

38. Butterfly kisses

39. Fresh air, especially by the sea

40. Spa days

41. Girly chat

42. Thoughtful gestures

43. Money. As materialistic as that may be, I feel relaxed when I know we are living comfortably.

44. People tripping, falling and dropping things. Come on, we all love you’ve been framed!

45. When Pete comes back from working away

46. Seeing Rhys and Jasper’s brotherly love

47. Watching how truly in love my parents are and hoping me and Pete are the same at their age

48. Macaroons

49. Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb. I’ve never owned it but it reminds me of my best friend Sammie and California

50. Nature


Well there you have it, my 50 favourite things. In no particular order (except for number one of course!). I’m already thinking of others I’d want to swap and change but I’m going to leave it at that. Those came to my head as I went along so they must truly mean something to me.

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  • Life & Love of Lolly (@lollybond2010)
    15th April 2015 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Thanks for tagging me. Took me ages to come up with 50 things! I love your list, so many things I saw on yours and thought “I love that”.

    • Jessica
      16th April 2015 at 8:06 pm Reply

      haha I thought that when I read others, that’s why we’re all bloody chums 🙂

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