Rhys’s 3rd Birthday

Today Rhys turned 3 – oh my goodness how crazy is that!? I still remember meeting him, as a tiny tot at just 6 months of age. He was laid on the carpet because he hadn’t quite mastered sitting up and I just remember thinking ‘wow, we’re going to be a BIG┬ápart of each others lives’.

Fast forward time and he’s now a boy, not a baby, not a toddler but a ‘big boy’ in his words. He has developed such a character, such ‘typical’ boy traits, even some teenage traits that me and Pete find hilarious. He’s a wonderful big brother (as long as Jasper isn’t a terror) and the most perfect step son I could ask for.

I won’t go into a mushy gushy post, and I’ve already done his recent update as a video which I’ll link here, so for now I thought I’d share some snaps of our day. It was very low key as we only had him from 2pm and we’re having a party next week for him and Jasper, so a simple trip to the farm to meet some friends was perfect.

We kept the presents small too as we’re getting the boys a big swing and slide set and a wendy house for the garden as a kind of joint present/ something we just want to get them anyway. It was a good job because he literally opened one, put it aside and dived for the next so it was nice to have a small handful to open and then sit down and play with each properly.

DSC08600 DSC08594

We then headed to Manor Farm to meet some friends and oh my scroll to see the cuteness of the 3 day old piglets!

DSC08603 DSC08602 DSC08601 DSC08622 DSC08613 DSC08654 DSC08651 DSC08647 DSC08645 DSC08643 DSC08642 DSC08640 DSC08639 DSC08635 DSC08629 DSC08624 DSC08618 DSC08614DSC08610 DSC08607 DSC08605

So it’s rather photo heavy I do apologise, but it was just such a fun chilled out day and Rhys had such a great time celebrating with us.

I’ll be uploading a presents haul to help share the gift giving inspiration as I was completely stuck before and relied on other hauls to find some of the gifts we got the boys. Also stay tuned for some party related posts and of course, Jasper turning 2!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Dianne
    3rd April 2016 at 8:15 am Reply

    Looks like a brilliant day Jessie x

    • Jessica
      3rd April 2016 at 8:30 pm Reply

      It was lovely Muma x

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