In just 3 days we will be at Rabbit’s due date – the date that I’ve been counting down to for months, that we’ve been preparing and planning for, even dreaming about!

photo 1-69I honestly can’t believe how quickly it has come around, and with only one thing left on my to do list – putting up the cot, I have nothing to do but wait.

I know it’s a bit last minute to not have the cot up but Miss ‘mega-nesting’ over here threw away the assembly instructions in a bid to clear the house of ‘unnecessary’ paperwork – yea right! It was completely necessary, I actually attempted to give it a go yesterday and after seeing all the nuts and bolts (probably not the right terms) I quickly realised I’d need the manual for sure! Anyway Kiddicare are sending me some new ones soon so if Rabbit comes in the meantime he will have to be content in his moses basket and swinging crib.

Well after an eventful week 38, we’ve had no dramas this week, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve had the usual period pains, Braxton Hicks and backache – like I’ve had for the past 3 weeks now! I can also add stabbing back pains that brought me to tears and heartburn which reared it’s ugly head yesterday!

It’s safe to say I’m fed up now. I know first babies tend to be late but now that I have nothing to do and it’s a waiting game, I’m so impatient. My sleep has gotten terrible, as soon as I lay down the aches and pains intensify and first thing in the mornings I wake up a little disappointed that I wasn’t woken in the middle of the night to contractions!

I’ve not been a joy to be around – sorry Pete. I’ve been emotional, moody and snappy as well as pretty knackered in-between sudden bursts of impulsiveness.

My mega nesting took a step up today. I spent most of the afternoon on my hands and knees spot cleaning the kitchen floor, cleaning all the skirting boards and scrubbing the bathrooms!

I’m well and truly ready for you Rabbit so please hurry. Not to mention, I’ve given myself a gelish manicure and pedicure, deep conditioned my hair and actually managed to shave below so now would be a great time for muma to go into labour!

Anyway, enough of the rant (not the structured posts I usually go for!)

Onto the little man:

He’s as big as a … watermelon! – and boy does it feel like it! Averaging 18.9-20.9 inches and 6.2-9.2 pounds he’s a little bit on the heavy side!His brain is rapidly developing so he’s becoming smarter and smarter by the week! photo 2-73

Movements – With little room in there he’s still putting on an ounce a week, he’s also able to flex his limbs – the little stud! His movements are more like drags and rolls and some of them are quite painful! He’s not back to back anymore but his back goes from side to side. I can always tell because I get a big wonky bump on one side and lots of little feet pokes on the other!

photo 3-49

As for muma:

Well as you can tell I’m a bit grumpy but at the same time so excited to meet my little dude. I’ve already mentioned how I’ve been feeling but physically here are some of my updates:

Stretchmarks – still just the ones where my belly bar used to be.

PGP & SPD – luckily no PGP and the SPD has only been hitting me around bedtime!

Attempts to meet Rabbit – I know I should just let him come when he wants to come but I’ve been trying a few things to hurry him along a little. I already know he can be a lazy boy so as his muma I just want to help him … and me haha

I’ve been drinking raspberry leaf tea, eating pineapple, using lavender and clary sage in my bath and doing lots of exercise ball bouncing, squats and dancing!

Well that’s it for this week. Like I’ve said Rabbit, I’m ready for you! I wonder if next week will be a 40 week bumpdate or a welcome to the world little Rabbit update! Ooh and then I’ll have to refer to Rabbit by his actual name … that’ll be weird!

photo 4-41

Thanks for reading my potentially last bumpdate! xxx