38 weeks pregnant

Oh my goodness, 38 weeks pregnant. I’ve seen so many poeple on social media recently who are having their babies around this stage and it’s making me wonder if baby boy will let me make it to 39? Every day, weekend, bedtime routine, shopping trip I wonder if it’ll be my last with a bump or my last as just a muma of one or as a family of 4. I wonder each night if the next we’ll have a little man in our Snuzpod crib next to us cooing away and waiting for his brothers to come in and say goodmorning to him.

This week I’m really hoping baby boy stays in for a bit longer; Mum went in to hospital yesterday with a high temperature and we’re not sure if it’ll be an overnight stay or longer. She’s in isolation which means no visitors so even though she’d be conveniently at the same hospital as  me giving birth, she wouldn’t be able to meet the baby bear and that would just be awful. I also have my bay sprinkle this weekend and we have some decorating going on early next week so please just hang tight baby boy, another week will do nicely!

This week I had my 38 week midwife appointment; everything was fine in terms of my blood pressure, urine sample and baby bears heartbeat. She took some blood samples to check up on my iron levels which I need to call up for the results for on Monday. I’m not expecting them to have improved as admittedly I’ve been quite bad at taking the tablets.

Baby bear is now 2/5 engaged whereas at my last appointment 2 weeks ago he was 3/5 so that’s good! I was a bit confused and thought this meant his head had moved back out of my pelvis slightly but as some of you lovely viewers explained to me in my vlog comments it refers to how many 5ths of his head the midwife can feel out of my pelvis; so he’s actually moving down nicely! My next appointment was supposed to be on my due date but as they’re full it’ll be the following Monday so I’ll be 40+4 by then. My midwife will be on holiday so I won’t actually see her now until after the baby has been born (if at all) and it was the first time I’ve spoken to someone who’s wished me luck and said see you once he’s here. It reminded me of the final few days before my wedding when guests would say ‘the next time I see you you’ll be walking down the aisle’ (except this time people won’t be seeing me squeezing a bambino out I hope haha) and it just makes it all very real again!

She said I’d be offered a sweep at my next appointment if nothings started naturally and I think I’ll take it. As much as I’m not in a rush to have him, I’d rather not be induced so a little sweep to help push things along would be nice. I say nice, it’s not a pleasant experience and it didn’t do anything last time around but hey ho, every little helps!

This week I also had a lovely pregnancy spa day with Sarah from This Mama Life. It was just what we needed as Sarah’s also been having a tough time lately with her husband deploying and a few hospital scares. She’s currently 31 weeks pregnant so not far behind me at all and I’m loving sharing this time with her!


Symptoms wise:

SPD hasn’t been too bad, in fact I can’t really remember feeling the pains too much this week. My sciatica pains have stopped completely which is wonderful too!

I’ve had a lot of migraines recently though which has sucked; I am prone to them but only a handful a year and I’ve probably had one every other day for the past week or so which just really drains me. My midwife (and Google) said it was really common in pregnancy so I’m not concerned, just frustrated when I have plans for the day and don’t fancy being stuck in bed with the curtains closed.


My fingers have still been quite numb, as I write this I have it on both hands and it’s usually just my left but they’re not swelling or painful so I know that’s just a combination of the heat and brewing a baby! I’ve also been getting those ‘seeing stars’ moments; I wouldn’t say it’s flashing lights and I’m certainly not concerned it’s preeclampsia I think it’s purely down to low iron levels and needing to rest a bit more which everyone is telling me to do lately!

Aside from that I’m just feeling really uncomfortable; my bump gets in the way all of the time and I’m struggling to bend down and play with Jasper on the floor.
DSC09146 DSC09149 DSC09150 DSC09152


Baby boy:

As for the little man; his movements are so different now. They’re not kicks and jabs anymore, they’re more like rolls and elbows. They’re still as frequent, just heavier and more uncomfortable.

According to my app he’s the size of watermelon which quite frankly is terrifying! He’s an average of 19.61 inches in length and 6.8 lbs in weight  which is 5lbs bigger than last week. He’ll be gaining around an ounce a week from now until he’s born so maybe going too overdue wouldn’t be as ideal for me as I thought!

His little scull is still soft to aid him through the birth canal and lots of his little bones in his body won’t fuse together until much later post-birth.

He’s ingesting amniotic fluid regularly which is building up for his first poop – the meconium. His body is also busy producing lubricant to keep his lungs from sticking. His nails are growing but still soft so even though many babies are born with long nails they won’t be hard enough to scratch himself or me just yet!

Thanks for reading and watching!

Jess x


  • Life & Love of Lolly (@LaurenAVarley)
    6th August 2016 at 4:57 pm Reply

    You look gorgeous Jess! I hope your mum is back home soon. Have you not had a sweep yet? I was offered one at 38 weeks with Joey but declined because i hadn’t prepared the “lady garden” and then had one at 39 and then 40+8 which was the day joey was born but that last sweep didn’t bring on labour. I get why you want him to stay put though a bit longer, get all the stuff you need sorting first x

    • Jessica
      8th August 2016 at 8:22 pm Reply

      Thank you so much lovely, she’s home now, had a week of no visitors so we’re going to see her tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks! We’ve missed her so much 🙁

      Nope, they said they’ll offer me one at my 40 week appointment when I’ll actually be 40+4 but I really feel like he’ll be here sooner – who knows though eek!!!

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