LightLife Fast – Month One

Well hello November; where did you come from!? October absolutely flew by and as my month of being a better me; it’s been a pretty intense yet awesome one!

I teamed up with some fab brands to help me to get back my pre-baby mojo and a major part in this re-transformation was LighterLife Fast.

When I was asked to take part in a 3 month plan I was immediately transparent with my motives. I’m not trying to lose weight. In as non-bragging way as possible, I didn’t gain any weight after having Jaspy and I certainly didn’t want to lose any. In fact I wanted to put it on! I wanted my curves and bum back so I didn’t want to trial something that would make me lose weight, or lead others to believe that’s what it was doing for me.

Lighter Life Fast is aimed and weight loss and it does it ever so successfully! I decided to use the program in a slightly different way; I came up with a personal health and nutritional goal and what I was hoping to gain from the program.

My plan … to get my RDA’s  (Recommended Daily Allowances)

Being a mum I don’t always get enough time to eat. In fact it can be 3pm before I realise that I haven’t had anything to eat or drink. To make things quicker and more convenient I often grab a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar and the majority of my food intake takes place in the evenings.

These are terrible habits which I really wanted to break; so with the help of LLF I made October the start of new eating habits and a new me!

The program is based on the 5:2 principle. That means 5 days of usual eating (within reason) and 2 fast days. On the fast days you don’t actually fast (I’m massively against people starving themselves) but instead you intermittently fast by eating fewer calories. This is controlled by getting 25% of your normal daily calorie intake by having the Fastbacks.  4 Fastpacks contain 100% of your RDA’s of vitamins and minerals, with plenty of protein and fibre – all for around 600 kcal.

There’s a massive range of soups, meal alternatives, porridge, shakes and bars; and for my first month I went for the spaghetti bolognese, vanilla milkshake and chocolate and raisin bars.

I chose my ‘fast’ days to be Mondays and Thursdays. I figured starting the week in a healthy way, as I mean to go on, is a good idea; and then rounding the week off well would mean my weekends could be spent eating what the rest of the family eat.

It’s worked really well so far and I think these are the days I’m least tempted to try other food!

So on my fast days I started with a shake. These are so so filling and whip up really thick in the blender. To add a bit of variety I’ve mixed them with coffee and cinnamon (not at the same time!).

I started having the bars for lunch and then the spag bol for dinner. I usually fancy something savoury for lunch but I thought I’d rather have the spag bol for dinner so I stuck to the bars. By week 2 I was a bit tired of having a sweet lunch so I started having the spag bol instead.

The bars are really filling and I rarely finished them. I did try and push myself to have a whole bar each time as I wanted to make sure I was getting my RDA’s; so I even had them in split sessions. They did have a bit of a powdery texture that I found a lot of protein bars can have.

The bolognese looked tiny! I was really sceptical the first time I had it and had practically already planned what I was going to cook after it to fill me up. But you know what? I struggled to finish it!

As you can have 4 Fastpacks I would then have another bar in the evening. I get such a sweet tooth at night time so it’s a perfect replacement to sweets and cake!

What I really love is that you can have the bars on your non fast days too. This is great for me as I want to be getting in the extra vitamins, minerals, protein and powder even if my usual diet is pretty bad.

So onto my progress. Like I mentioned before, I’m not in this to lose weight. I didn’t weight myself before and I don’t know how much I weigh now. I wanted my curves and my butt back and I think I’m on my way!

My trousers and fitting me slightly more snuggly and Pete has mentioned a few times that my butt is getting bigger – most girls would take offence but for me thats a massive plus!

I’ve still got a way to go; my Mum said today that I looked like I’d lost weight – doh; but I think it’s something that’s going to take time.

I feel better mentally and am feeling a lot healthier but I now need to concentrate on my non-fast days diet.

Well we’re into a new month which means a new set of Fastpacks and a new positive mentality. Keep an eye out for my progress as I’ll be posting it over on my InstagramFacebook and Twitter. I’ll also be posting my next update at the end of November on ze blog.

If you want to take part in LighterLife Fast then you can get the Fastpacks from Superdrug exclusively and find out more info at

Thanks for reading! xx

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