37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks pregnant – I’m now two weeks and six days away from my due date and oh my is that scary! Three weeks didn’t sound as scary but two weeks, well that’s just set me off into a mini (major) panic!

There is still a lot to do, Pete worked from home this week so we did tick off a majority of our to-do list and it’s all looking a bit more manageable now but I just want it all to perfect for when the baby bear arrives and I’m desperately scheduling in posts and videos so my work load can ease off a little around the time of birth.

This week me and Pete went on our babymoon/honeymoon/one year anniversary weekend away at Chewton Glen and it was just wonderful. I’ll be writing up a review style post soon but check out my weekend vlog here to see what we got up to. It was pretty much the most relaxing weekend ever, consisting of good food, sleep, spa time, sleep, tennis, croquet, swimming, sleep and … well just really good sleep! I also got treated to a fantastic pregnancy massage where I could actually lay on my front and have my back massaged and I also got my nails done so I felt perfectly pampered and relaxed when we got home.

On Wednesday I had my bump cast done. Again, I’ll be uploading a vlog and blog post about it all but it was by the wonderful Laura at Treasured Prints. I was offered the service free of charge for review purposes but I’ve already planned to go back once the baby is here to get foot casts of all of the boys as her work was just amazing!

I had my final yoga class last night too; well it was the last one I’d paid for in my bundle so I may go back and do pay-as-you-go; it all depends on how I feel nearer the time.

Symptoms: This week was a really good week symptoms wise. I honestly think having that pregnancy massage and sleeping in such a luxurious bed made my sciatica pain go away and really helped with my SPD. However, after yoga Weds night my SPD got bad again; it’s because I never learn and I always overdo it despite my instructor telling me not to do certain poses – they just feel so good at the time but kill me afterwards!

I’ve been getting numb fingers a lot this week; not so much my lips and feet though. They feel as though they’re going to swell but when I look at them they aren’t so I’m not sure what that means.

This week I’ve also had two nasty migraine attacks. One was at my parents house so luckily they could help out and occupy Jasper and then my Dad dropped us home around his bedtime so I could sit go straight to be too. The other time Jasper was at nursery so I had time to close my eyes and rest before collecting him. I did freak out a little as I get flashing lights in my eyes and as my fingers were numb too I worried it may have been preeclampsia. I called the labour line though and they were happy to say it was just a migraine but if it continued to call the doctor for an emergency appointment – luckily it stopped after a bad headache and didn’t lead to the usual sickness that tends to come with them.

DSC00650 DSC00638

Baby boy: Little man is an average of 19.13 inches in length and 6.3 lbs in weight. 6.3lbs just seems so much more like a real weight to me. Before I could never imagine what the weights were but knowing that Jasper was 7.10lbs makes it so much easier to actually picture the size of baby boy right now.

His growth has slowed down now as he’s preparing for life after birth and what’s wonderful is that he has sufficient fat stores meaning he’s plump enough to not need an incubator to keep warm if he were to be born now. His little lungs are also fully working by themselves so he wouldn’t need any help with breathing if he were born now too!

The kicks and punches have been replaced with rolls and waves, I guess because it’s getting so cramped in there and he’s nestled down in my pelvis , head first, I hope! I am feeling hiccups a lot which I find really weird! I can deal with any kind of movement from him but the hiccups make me kind of cringe and he’s getting them loads lately!

Thanks for reading!

See you next week!

Jess x


  • Dianne
    22nd July 2016 at 4:48 pm Reply

    Sounds like he is well and truly ready to meet us all X

  • Louise
    23rd July 2016 at 8:21 am Reply

    You look incredible! You’ve reminded me that I must blog about this pregnancy, sooner rather than later as I’m only a few weeks behind you. Goodness!

    • Jessica
      27th July 2016 at 7:19 am Reply

      Ahh yes you must! I love looking back on my updates from my pregnancy with Jasper 🙂

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