Wowza, 36 weeks pregnant – it’s zooming by so much faster now which I didn’t think was even possible! I think it’s because I have so much to do and I’m worried I won’t get to finish my bucket list before little man arrives – not the end of the world I know, but there are still lots of things I want to do like my bump cast, baby sprinkle and baby moon (yes we’ve booked another!).

My bump cast is all booked in for next week so I don’t feel as worried I’ll miss that; and we go away this weekend for a mini staycation in the New Forest so again, not too worried there. My baby sprinkle however isn’t until a week or so before my due date so that does make me nervous, although if he’s here I guess we could make it a ‘welcome to the world’ party instead? I also have a spa day plan with my bloggy besty Sarah from This Mama Life a week before my due date so please stay in till after then little man!

I won’t go into detail on our baby moon but it’s also mine and Petes one year wedding anniversary next week so we thought we’d combine the two celebrations, as well as a honeymoon as technically we never had one, just a few mini breaks; and go all out at the Chewton Glen. It looks seriously divine; 5 star luxury and for £800+ a night it better be! I’m so excited to just relax in the spa, sleep, eat and have some quality time before the madness of a newborn erupts!

This week I managed to make my yoga class; it was touch and go before hand as I felt so tired but where I’d paid for it in advance and I knew I wouldn’t have many sessions left till I pop, I made the effort to go. It was wonderful as usual, so relaxing and helped me to reconnect my breathing and mentally prepare for this birth. A few of us in the class are really near the end now so it’s always exciting to see who isn’t there each week and if there’s been any news!

I also had my 35 week midwife appointment. It was my usual lady which was nice as she’d been away for my last couple of appointments. Everything was fine in terms of my urine sample, blood pressure and baby boys heartbeat and I was so pleased to find out that he’s finally turned! He’s no longer breach which is such a weight off my shoulders, it was really starting to worry me! She said his head was really REALLY low so it’s no wonder my SPD has been so killer lately, but I don’t mind, as long as it’s his head down there and not his bum!

We discussed my birth plan which is completely go with the flow. I may write a separate post on this if you guys would like? (comment below if so) but to be honest I’d rather go in with no expectations. I’m scared enough as it is, I know what it’e like, I know the pain and I don’t have that naivety I had the first time around so I’ve said pretty much yes to the drugs. I’m neither here nor there with a water birth, it doesn’t appeal as much as last time, maybe because I bathe less and shower more with a hectic toddler to look after. I’d rather not have a home birth, and I’d rather not pethidine as I didn’t like it too much last time but if I need it so be it and if I end up with an epidural, c-section or whatever else – that’s fine as long as it’s the least painful option and me and baby boy are safe.

I also had my whooping cough injection which didn’t hurt at all but has left my arm rather achey, to the point where it hurts to lay on my left side.


It’s been pretty similar to last week, still terrible SPD but backache and sciatica have eased off which is wonderful. Heartburn has been minimal as has that full sicky feeling and the tiredness. My fingers, lips and feet have been quite numb again, often feeling like they’re going to swell up but so far they haven’t.

Baby boy:

At 36 weeks pregnant, my baby boy is getting rather large! He’s an average of 18.66 inches in length and 5.78 lbs in weight and 15% of his weight at birth will consist of his protective fat layer. The little ridges on his gums that look like teeth are forming, but of course *hopefully* he won’t get any teeth through for a wee while after birth! His cheek muscles are also developing giving him that cute chubby appearance and he’s sleeping about 90% of the time little dream!



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