35 weeks pregnant

Eek 35 weeks pregnant, he really could be here any day now and the more I speak to people the more I’m hearing ‘ooh my baby was born at 35 weeks’ and it’s making me so so nervous! We’ve made lots of progress in terms of buying bits for the baby, we’ve also been sent lots of lovely items from brands and PR’s so I filmed my first ‘what the postman brought‘ video and featured it all in there if you’d like to see? The nursery is still nowhere near done, it’s just piled with stuff so we’ll be working on that over the next couple of weeks!

This week I feel a bit annoyed at myself as I missed two pregnancy style appointments – yoga and the chiropractor. I was just so tired for both of them; they were both in the evenings at 7:30 and even though I knew I’d benefit from going, I just didn’t have the energy and was too in pain from my SPD.


One amazing thing I did this week was my maternity photoshoot. It was the one thing on my bucket list I couldn’t wait for and was just hoping baby boy wouldn’t come before it as I really didn’t want to miss it! I was so nervous before going but had the best time and I’m so so pleased with how it all went. I haven’t got the pictures back yet, she said around 7-10 days but I did get some footage which you’ll see in my 35 week pregnancy update video inserted below and also in my maternity photoshoot video which you can find here.DSC00432


SPD has been killer, nothing new there. Normally it subsides after I’ve taken a few steps in the morning but this week it’s been lasting so much longer each time and I ended up in tears after dropping Jasper to nursery the other day as I’d been up for a couple of hours and it hadn’t eased off at all. I’m really trying with my posture and to use my Belly Bandit belt as well as not carrying Jasper on one side too much and that does help but not completely. I’ve filmed a couple of videos, one on my experience with SPD and another on tips and tricks that you may find useful so please do check those out!

Other than that my symptoms have been quite minimal; the full sicky feeling has eased off and so has the heartburn. I’ve not been as tired either which is surprising as I’ve been really bad for taking my iron tablets – slap on the wrist I know, I’m trying though!

As for baby boy:

Little man is an average of 18.19 inches in length and 5.25 lbs in weight. He’s going through a stage of rapid weight gain, gaining a third of a pound a week in brown fat which prevents hypothermia. It’s different to the white fat that turns babies cheeks rosey when they’re pinched by grandma!

According to the app I could have my bloody show any time from now; this happened once my contractions had already started with Jasper so I think it would freak me out a little if it happened this earlier but it would be pretty exciting too! It also says that my cervix is starting to dilate and that I should be feeling lots of kicks in my ribs from baby being head down – I have been feeling this so I’m just hoping he has turned and they are kicks and not punches!




Thanks for reading!
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