34 weeks pregnant

Eek, 34 weeks pregnant, baby boy could literally be here any day and oh my does that make me panic. Not only are we no where near prepared but my bucket list is only half ticked off. Of course if he came now we would be okay, I have nappies and wipes, clothes left over from Japser¬†and plenty of helping hands from people who can run to pick up any essential we need if we call. I’d just like to have his nursery set up; the nappies and wipes in cute little baskets rather than their amazon boxes and his bedside crib actually beside my bed rather than in it’s delivery box still. I’d like my hospital bag packed, his wardrobe neatly laid out and for me to be able to sit back, feet up, and wait.

I’d also like to get my pregnancy photoshoot, bump cast, honeymoon weekend and baby shower out of the way before his arrival – you hear that little man!?

So this week has been a nice one in terms of pregnancy related appointments. I went to the dentist for my clean which was to get rid of plaque build up and ward off any gum disease. This was so painful but I felt good knowing I’d done it and it’s something I don’t need to think about for a while.

I also had a chiropractor appointment as my SPD and sciatica pains have been awful this week. He did teach me a lot in terms of how I should be sitting, standing and walking but a lot I did know already. The difficult thing for me is that it’s bad habits; I lean to one side, I arch my back to compensate for a lifetime of slouching and I know I need to adjust this; it’s just remembering to do it. I’ve tried to implement it so far but it’s been tricky and to be honest I’m not better off so I’m in two minds as to whether or not I should go back.

I also had a wonderful yoga session; I’ve only booked for half a block this time as the usual 8 week course would take me past my due date. I have 4 pre-paid and then I can pay as I go if I feel up to it and baby boy hasn’t made an appearance after that.


Symptoms wise:

As I mentioned, SPD and sciatica have been awful. Sitting with my legs infant of me rather than crossed does help but laying down in bed is awful, as is getting out of bed, getting up from the floor, walking too much … the list goes on.

Heartburn is still quite bad, in fact I have a nasty case of it as I type. There is still no pattern to when it shows up which is frustrating but Rennie does help. I’m also still getting that full, sick feeling which unless I don’t eat, I can’t see a way around.

My tiredness has eased off thanks to a toddler who’s decided to sleep well and have chilled out afternoons watching Peppa Pig in mummies bed! It’s also due to me taking my iron tablets which have cut my ice cravings slightly and made my poo turn black – tmi? Sorry!

Despite what I’ve just read back as a very many update, I’ve been in a really good mood. I’m loving this pregnancy; dreading missing my bump afterwards and sad my time with just Jasper is coming to an end but apart from the odd few cries and wanting to carry and feed Jasper like a baby; I’ve dealt with it pretty well and just made the most of our time.¬†DSC00339DSC00336DSC00335

Little man:

Movements are huge now. You can feel limbs and almost grab hold of them. They’re often quite painful, pee inducing and stop me in my tracks but I’m desperate to savour them before he arrives and I have to share those wriggly toes with the rest of the world!

I’m starting to show the dark line that goes vertically from my belly button up to just below my bra line but it fades a lot and I never know if it’s from where my leggings have dug int my skin and left a mark.

I’m not sure on his position, sometimes I’m certain I feel his head under my ribs but then I get little jabs that feel like feet and I’m thrown. I’ll have to wait until my next midwife appointment but I’m really hoping he’s naturally turned as after a smooth labour and pregnancy with Jasper, I just don’t want to go through manual routes.

According to my app, baby boy is 17.72 inches in length and 4.73 lbs in weight approximately. The lanugo, (downey layer of fuzz) is almost gone now, his immune system is working all by itself without relying on my placenta, and the vernix (white gunky layer) is disappearing.

His digestive system is also working by itself and he’s peeing up to a pint of urine a day into the amniotic fluids! My placenta is starting to age even though it will still support baby till birth which kind of makes me nervous as it’s almost like my body has been building up and building up and now it’s kind of letting go and saying ‘you’re on your own kid’.

DSC00334 DSC00331 DSC00345

Thanks for reading and watching!
Jess x


  • Hannah - Budding Smiles
    6th July 2016 at 2:24 am Reply

    You look beautiful Jess! Sorry your pain has been so bad, I can completely relate because my SPD with Martha was crippling. Mine genuinely did just magically disappear around when she was due so I hope yours does the same. Fingers crossed baby boy stays put for you to tick things off your list!xx

    • Jessica
      6th July 2016 at 10:08 am Reply

      Aww thank you so much lovely! That’s so reassuring to know as I’m half expecting it to linger around which I definitely don’t want with a newborn and a toddler to look after! How are you and your gorgeous family doing?

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