32 weeks pregnant

Every time I open up a new post to write a pregnancy update I feel a little flutter of excitement. At 32 weeks pregnant the time is still zooming by which is why this past week has had a major pregnancy focus – we’ve gotten lots done and ticked off a few pregnancy bucket list bits and bobs too!

Firstly we started decorating the babies nursery. We did plan to have someone come in and paint all of the bedrooms but to save money we’ve decided to work on a room ourselves each weekend, starting with the nursery. We only painted it white from magnolia, but it’s a start and it gave me the push to get buying all of the pieces I want to go in it.

That’s another part of my bucket list we ticked off; buying the items I either didn’t know about, or couldn’t justify spending the money on with Jasper. I still have a few bits on my list but I finally purchased the Plum and Sparrow moses basket, Sleepyhead, and some gorgeous Instagram shop items too. I’ve also been sent a SnuzPod and I’m awaiting a felt pom pom garland from Sucre Dreamers so I can just picture the nursery looking how I want it in no time.

We also headed off for a 4D scan this week which was nothing short of amazing. I wrote a little post about it, featuring some pictures so please do check those out here; but to sum it up it was so wonderful to actually see little mans face. He has pouty lips like his dad, almond shaped eyes like his brothers and I’m not sure who’s nose that is but it’s super squishy and cute hahaDSC09983

One thing I’m a little worried about now is that baby boy is breech. His face is right under my ribs and although I still have plenty of time, he should be heading down that way by now; I’m sure Jasper’s head was right in my pelvis by this time. The staff told me not to worry as some babies can be breech on the day of delivery and there are ways to turn them but I’d rather start working on this now so if any of you lovelies have any tips pease do send them my way – I’m completely clueless!


SPD and sciatica have been no different; eased off during the day with help from my Upsie Belly and having a better posture; but at night and first thing in the morning they’re pretty bad!

I’ve been a bit tired but probably down to some late nights, early mornings and general mum-life. I’ve not had those odd down feelings this past week which has been great as I do feel bad that they’ll affect Pete and the boys who already have me moaning about how I feel like I’ve been kicked in the crotch every day!

I haven’t really spoken about cravings as to be honest I’ve not had any noticeable ones but this week I’ve just needed refreshing things! I’ve been crunching ice and ice lollies, opting for lemon and lime in my water as I’ve redeveloped my hatred for plain water, and I’ve been eating lots of fruit, especially apples which I usually don’t eat as they make my mouth itch!DSC00008 DSC00028

Baby Boy:

Well as I mentioned, he’s breech. He was also face planting my placenta and sucking on it a little bit which sounds creepy but was actually really cute! His movements are so so strong at he moment and he’s definitely going to be a wriggler!

From my scan he is currently estimated at 4lbs 7oz which will mean if he’s born on time he’ll be about 8lbs so not far off Jasper who was 7lbs 10oz.

OFD – Occipitofrontal Diameter 107.7mm

HC – Head circumference – 302.7mm

AC – Abdominal Circumference – 287.8mm

FL – Femur Length – 61.3mm

One thing I’ve noticed which I will ask my midwife about because it’s made me a little unsure is that these measurements are plotted on a range which then gives AUA (Actual Ultrasound Age) dates. I’m not sure if these dates are based on babies size, or if he’s actually an average of those dates, which in his case would make me a week ahead.

For example:

HC is 302.7mm which is plotted at 50.4% which makes him 32weeks and 3 days. AC however is plotted at 77.1%  making him 32 weeks and 6 days already. On the day of the scan I was 31 weeks and 5 days but this makes me an average of 32 weeks and 4 days, now is this just because he has a big tummy or because I’m messed up with my dates? ahh!

Well that was slightly more complex than my usual pregnancy updates but if any of you can work it out I’d love to know if I’m actually closer to 33 weeks than I thought haha – panic mode!

Thanks for reading!

Jess x


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