31 weeks pregnant

Okay this past week has literally flown by. At 31 weeks pregnant the time is really galloping now and I feel a slight panic every time someones asks me how far gone I am – especially when I’m met with ‘ooh not long now then’.

I know 7 weeks and 6 days (to be precise) till my due date is still loads of time but honestly I’m feeling kind of sad that it’s zooming by so fast. As much as my symptoms can get me down, I am loving being pregnant. I know I’m feel like this because this will most likely be my last pregnancy but I’m just feeling a little sad like I wish I could start all over and do it again, or at least have an extra 9 months added on – remind me I said that when I’m at my due date haha

This week I finally went and had my bloods taken. I ended up going to where I have all of my scans done as I forgot my paperwork when I left the house and knew if I went to the path lab they’d be difficult with me not being able to tell them where the bloods should go. They went fine and I haven’t heard anything from my doctors so I’m assuming the results all came back normal – or maybe they never got them … I should probably check!

Symptoms wise:

This week I’ve been a bit bleugh. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’ve had periods of time where I’ve not felt low, sad, angry or particularly annoyed at anything; it’s almost like being a bit deflated. Pete’s noticed luckily and been wonderful, running me baths, taking the boys so I can relax and making me healthy smoothies to boost me a bit and that’s easily made me snap out of whatever funk I’d been in. I’m assuming it’s hormone related as I’ve also gotten some huge spots on my face and neck (gross) and they’re the hormone type, not the ‘too much chocolate or alcohol’ type.

My sciatica is still awful. I’ve been using the Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit during the days which has done wonders for day to day being out and about but when I’m sitting for a while in the car or at my desk I really struggle to get up. I laid on Jaspers floor while he nodded off the other night because sitting hurt too much and I had to call for Pete to come and help me up. Walking is like someone kicking my butt at every step and sleeping has become pretty bad especially with this heat. Last night I ended up in the spare room as our bed was far too hot and after Jasper joined us at 1am I just couldn’t get comfortable.

SPD has eased off a lot thanks to the Upsie Belly ( review to come soon) but it tends to be sleeping, yoga and ‘couple time’ that make it worse – all of which I kind of want to/ should be doing!

My gums have been bleeding slightly and when I went to the dentist this week she told me I had some tartar build up which was the start of gum disease – something that’s really common with pregnancy. I’m booked in for a clean in 3 weeks time which will be nice and hopefully stop the bleeding!

Heartburn and that horrible full feeling I mentioned last week are pretty consistent now. They tend to affect me at night time which is also when my leg cramps and restless legs start so bed time is honestly not fun for me any more! I’m planning to (haven’t started yet) eat less before bed, only drink water in the evenings and prop myself up more with pillows so I’ll let you know if that works.

I just feel very pregnant. I feel as big as I was when I was at my due date with Jasper and I can’t see how there’s much more room for baby to grow. It’s not that I feel huge, my bump is still quite small but it all feels so tight. Every movement feels like it’s against such stretched skin and quite often his little rolls really hurt.DSC09837 DSC09851

Onto baby boy:

He’s an average of 16.18 inches in length and 3.311 lbs in weight and fat is continuing to accumulate under his skin. On average he’ll gain as much as half a pound a week from now until birth – I feel this is likely!

His little lungs are practicing breathing 30-40% of the time, bones are hardening in preparation to support his body after birth and his adrenal glands which produce steroid hormones have doubled in the past 10 weeks – I’m now picturing some kind of body builder baby coming out!


Thanks for reading,

Jess x




  • Analesha
    12th June 2016 at 7:07 am Reply

    Great update! It’s awesome to see you making the most of the pregnancy. I hope your sciatica eases off!
    I’m 24 weeks and have just started to get the dreaded heartburn!

    • Jessica
      13th June 2016 at 12:17 pm Reply

      Oh no, definitely try love hearts they work a treat and satisfy your sweet cravings too haha

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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