30 weeks pregnant

Okay, I’m in the 30’s! I’m now officially on the single digit week countdown (unless he’s late of course!). At this stage we don’t have anything big planned, no holidays or weddings – it’s all about making the most of our life as a family of 4 and getting prepped for our new little arrival!

I had my 29 week midfwife appointment this week which went really well. My blood pressure and urine sample was normal and babies heart beat was super strong and easy to find! She said that he was definitely laying vertically but couldn’t quite tell if he was head down or not as he’s still too small to know for sure. I’m sure he’s head down from the kinds of movements I’m getting under my ribs – they definitely feel like little kicks to me! I’m booked in for 3 weeks time so hopefully he’ll be big enough for her to know his position in more detail, although there will still be plenty of time for him to somersault the other way! She also said that I’m measuring around 27 weeks which surprised me as I feel huge!!

This week I also went back to yoga which oh my goodness felt amazing! I’m so pleased I got to get back into it; it really helped me to relax, reconnect with the little man and of course get my sense of ‘me’ back. I definitely think I overdid it a bit with the poses though. I tend to push myself into the positions that feel like a really good deep stretch but then afterwards I feel a little worse for wear so I need to find that balance.

Symptoms wise –  Oh my sciatica what are you doing to me? SPD has taken a backseat and sciatica is just killer! It’s at no particular time, just random points during the day but hopefully when my support belt arrives that’ll help!

I feel like I’m full a lot of the time, as if I’ve constantly just eaten a huge roast dinner and it’s all in my throat!

Little man:

he’s an average of 15.71 in length and 2.91 lbs in weight.

His eyes are now wide open so he can scope out what’s going on in my uterus even if it is a little dark in there! He’s having rapid brain growth, shedding his lanugo and his red blood cells are now forming in his bone marrow.



Thanks for reading and watching!

See you at 31 weeks,

Jess x


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