At 29 weeks pregnant I’m well into my third trimester and almost at the stage of counting down the weeks in single digits! Looking back on the whole pregnancy I feel like I found out I was expecting an age ago but at the same time it has gone super quickly. It almost makes me feel a bit sad, like I want to do it all over again (minus the SPD) just to make the most of it, stress-free and focused on this little bundle.

This week baby boy bump got to go on an aeroplane again. We went on a family trip to Mallorca, his second time there and third time abroad including Sweden. I felt okay on the flight there, I always worry when flying during pregnancy that I’m going to get restless legs as I have dreaded memories of flying to the Maldives when I was pregnant with Jasper and I spent the whole time kicking out and being massaged by Pete (a rare occasion).

Little man also did so well in the heat, well I assume he did anyway. He kicked about, wriggled and rolled constantly which I hope meant he was happy and not trying to tell me to get in the blady shade! haha

Symptoms wise.

At 29 weeks pregnant my SPD is still pretty bad. I now have a belly band on the way to me which I’m so excited to get using, despite being a bit worried that I’ll get super hot with this nice weather we’re having.

Sciatica has also been a nightmare. It’s starting to affect me worse than my SPD and a lot more frequently which is so annoying! Tonight I laid on Jaspers floor while he fought his sleep as sitting was too painful; but then getting up was like torture – I ended up crawling out of his room on all fours!

Heartburn has gotten more frequent but not enough to cause any trouble and I’m happy to just drink milk and eat loveheart sweets before trying any kind of medicine for it.

One thing that has been a bit scary is my balance is a bit off. I guess it’s understandable being that I’m carrying so much weight on my front but it’s taken two falls for me to realise. The first time was on the tiled floor of the bathroom at our hotel on holiday. I slipped on Rhys’s wee (yuk) and apart form a few shocked tears and a sore wrist and side I was absolutely fine. It wasn’t until I slipped over today on our wooden flooring at home while carrying Jasper that I realised it may be more than a coincidence. Yes both floors were slippery, but usually I’m good at steadying myself. These times I’ve felt completely out of control and just stacked it on the floor. Luckily the time today me and Jasper were both fine, and baby boy of course, but I’m feeling quite nervous now and more conscious of how I’m carrying myself.


As for baby boy

Little man is an average of 15.2 inches in length and 2.54 pounds in weight.

His brain is now in charge of maintaining his body temperature and controlling his breathing. To be honest I kind of assumed it was doing this already but I guess he wasn’t properly breathing or regulating his temp up until now.

I should also be able to feel him cough but I havent as of yet. He is moving around like crazy though, I feel him a lot when I drive so he must love the motion – hopefully he’ll be a car sleeper!DSC09497 DSC09493 DSC09455


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • Dianne
    4th June 2016 at 7:37 am Reply

    Hopefully the belt will help you Jessie x

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