Oh my, I am officially in my 3rd trimester at 28 weeks pregnant! Shiz just got real!

I can’t believe the countdown is on, I mean it’s always been on but I feel like it was a build up before and now it’s really counting down the days/weeks. The biggest it’ll hit me I think is when I’m on single figure weeks and then of course single figure days … and then once my due date comes and goes and I’m a whale with no known countdown!

This has been a lovely week positivity wise. I’m really a lot more settled, although nothing has really changed I just feel calmer and have a better state of mind. We went away to Weymouth at the weekend which was lovely so bump got lots of fresh air, dips in the pool and loving family time. We’re also off to Mallorca this weekend so hopefully I’ll get a little tan on my bump; I’m excited to get back into a bikini as I’m┬áso much bigger than last month when we went! It’ll also be fab to just relax and make the most of our last few weeks as a family of 4!

I wasn’t able to get my bloods taken by the midwife this week as even though I was told to make the appointment, they said I had to go to hospital for them instead so I’ll get those booked in for next week once we’re back from holiday. I do need to pop to the doctors today to get a fit to fly letter (last minute as usual); as we are flying with Monarch and it’s a requirement to have one from 28 weeks onwards.

Little man:

He is now an average of 14.8 inches in length and 2.22 lbs in weight. His eyes are now partially open and he’s able to blink and recognise different levels of light! His little eyes may also have some colour but he’ll need exposure to light to get the full pigmentation which is why some little ones don’t have their set eye colour until they’re much older.

At this stage he now has a 95% chance of survival if he were to be born now; of course this is a wonderfully high chance but I’d still like him to stay in as he’d be very tiny and probably need a lot of help with breathing and other functions. Not to mention I am not ready yet little man!



Symptoms wise:

At 28 weeks pregnant SPD is as bad as it was at its worst so I’m back to being overly careful with carrying Jasper and my posture and sleep positions. I’ve also ordered a belly band so I’ll be giving that a go, I just hope it doesn’t make me too hot having an extra layer around my bump this Summer!

I’ve also started to get Sciatica pains, which is like shooting pains up my lower back and left butt cheek – oh the joys! It’s not the best addition to SPD but it’s manageable and doesn’t affect me as frequently so it’s not too bad.

Heartburn has also kicked in on random occasions throughout the day. I tend to just drink milk and eat lovehearts as they really helped when I had it with Jasper and so far it’s helping a little bit. I don’t get it all of the time or on certain occasions like after meals, it just happens randomly.

Energy levels have still been up despite the symptoms so that’s great! I’ve been filming and blogging like a mad woman so that I can relax while we’re away! I’ve also been buying lots of new maternity clothes, so I’ll link those haul videos below. There’s one holiday haul from ASOS and then one normal maternity ASOS haul too!


DSC09326 DSC09334 DSC09336 DSC09339

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