26 weeks pregnant

At 26 weeks pregnant I’m still having a really symptom-free week. SPD has stayed away and apart from the restless legs – oh my are they a pain; I’m feeling really good! I haven’t had any more leg cramps *touch wood* and I’ve been quite full of energy! I’m almost out of my 2nd trimester now and I remember feeling great last time around in terms of energy and being able to stay up later and not require day time naps; but then in the 3rd trimester the tiredness hit again so I’m prepared for that to happen again!

I have had an emotional week with lots going on; I go into it a little bit in my 26 weeks pregnancy vlog (see below) but I’m trying to stay positive and keep chugging along! I’ve found keeping busy and on top of my to do lists has been a massive help with my positivity and helping me to focus on my babies and having a healthy pregnancy. I did film a couple of videos on staying positive during pregnancy and exercise during pregnancy so please do check those out!

Baby boy:

At 182 days old (can I say old if he’s not even born yet?) ┬áhe’s 14.2 inches in length and 1.6lbs in weight approximately and still the size of a papaya.

He is starting to move rhythmically to sounds that he hears which means I should be listening to lots of chilled out tunes rather than hard core heavy metal!

50% of his energy is being used to develop his rapid brain growth and his lungs are developing air sacks too which means by the end of week 26 he’ll take a proper breath – oh my!

HIs movements are so much more frequent now and really spread out throughout the day. I feel him moving even when I’m walking around and they’ve turned from little kicks to full on rolls. I’m also getting that feeling where it feels like his legs are getting caught under my ribs which is uncomfortable but reminds me of how big he actually is – eek!


Thanks for reading!

Jess x

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