25 weeks pregnant

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and it’s officially going slowly again. Although I do only have 15 weeks to go which doesn’t sound like a lot … maybe it is going quickly!

I’m starting to realise how completely unprepared I am. Yes I have all of the boys old clothes organised into age groups and packed away in air tight bags ready to go. I also have pretty much all of the kit, from the double pushchair and moses basket to swinging crib and sling. I just feel like I’ve not done anything for this baby, for this pregnancy.

I haven’t started on the nursery, hardly picked up any new clothes or focused on names. I’ve not looked at what cool new bits of equipment are out yet, or booked the hypnotherapy I’ve been saying I’d book for ages.

I have made a few dents in my pregnancy bucket list, booking my photoshoot and starting yoga but I’m just feeling a little like this pregnancy is passing me by so quickly and my mind has been completely elsewhere.

I’ve got a load on so I’m not surprised. My mind is completely whizzing with family problems, marital problems and terrible twos but I’m determined to give this pregnancy a lot more focus before August is here and I’m into the newborn haze.

DSC08961 DSC08968 DSC08969 DSC08971Symptoms wise, I’m having a really good week. My SPD has really eased off which has been amazing! I still have upper and lower back pain but it’s very manageable without pain relief or anything else. I have started to get restless legs which I had when I was pregnant with Jasper. It definitely started a lot earlier last time but I’m already getting that familiar fed up frustrated feeling when the pressure builds up in my legs! I also got cramp in my leg the other day for the first time since I’ve been regnant again which was horrible but it was only the once and I’ve just been drinking plenty of water to keep it away!

Please do check out my 25 weeks pregnancy vlog as it has a bit more detail and updates on the little man himself!!

Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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