23 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I turned 23 weeks pregnant and oh my is it still going slowly. I don’t mind as much now as even though I’m so eager to meet my little man, I really want to savour every moment and appreciate what may be my last pregnancy.

It’s been quite an uneventful week so I’ll keep this short and sweet, but events wise the only pregnancy related thing I’ve done is join prenatal yoga. Oh my goodness I didn’t realise just how much I needed it and how it would benefit me in ways I hadn’t even considered.

As part of my pregnancy bucket list I wanted to join some pregnancy classes, so that I could have time to bond with baby and take time out from day to day life. Where I’ve been suffering with SPD I thought yoga would be a great one to help to relieve some of my aches and pains, but this was just the beginning!

I went for Yogabellies as it was one of the first ones to come up on Google and is located just around the corner from my house. It’s a course of 8 weeks that you sign up to and each session is 1.15hrs, including a yoga and relaxation session and a group chat in the beginning about various pregnancy related topics. Not only did I learn some fab ways to aid my SPD but I came out of it feeling so relaxed after quite a wobbly emotional day. I felt a much closer bond to little man and even have some new thoughts on my birth plan. It was wonderful to sit around with other pregnant¬†ladies in my area and it’s nice to think I may make some really good friendships there too. On top of that it was just so nice to get out of the house. I’m not as sociable as I’d like outside of mum life and it was really nice to leave Pete at home with Jasper while I went out to do something solely for me and baby. Usually it’s Pete popping t the gym, pub or for a take away while I sit at home working so it made a nice change of dynamic.

Little Man: 

At 23 weeks baby boy is still considered the size of an eggplant. It’s been grouped together on my app from 22-24 weeks so nothing new there. He’s averaging 11.38 inches in length and 1.1 pounds in weight – eek. His survival rate if he were to be born now is 50%; not something I’d like to take the change of but it’s good to know that in the unlucky event I do go into extremely early labour, he has those odds.

He’ll be going through a major growth spurt over the next 5 weeks, so if I do get extra tired and achey I’ll know why!


As for me my symptoms have all died down quite a lot this week. Apart from SPD I don’t really have any at all. My pregnancy pillow is helping me so much and I definitely think it’s giving me a much better nights sleep and helping me not to feel so achey when I first wake up. I’d definitely recommend getting one even if you’re not suffering from aches and pains as it’s just like a giant hug!

The only other symptom I do have is constantly feeling like I’ve eaten a 10 course meal. I’m not overly hungry and I don’t feel full in the normal sense I just feel like the food is still right up in my throat and if I were to tip too forward far or burp I would be sick. I haven’t been sick from it, it’s just an odd sensation and I get it even after just drinking a cup of tea!

DSC08880 DSC08890 DSC08893Pregnancy plans:

After my yoga session I feel so inspired to check out my local birthing unit instead of just going for the hospital that I gave birth to Jasper at. I loved it there but it would be nice to try something different and the birthing unit in the New Forest is meant to be beautiful – horses out of the window kind of beautiful! I’m also waiting for my yoga instructor to pass on some details of a hypno-birthing contact as I’d rather go by recommendation as it’s quite pricey. She also does birth classes I’d quite like to try so that’s a few more exciting things to add to the diary!

Thanks for reading guys!

Jess x

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