22 weeks pregnant

When I hit 20 weeks I was amazed at how quickly time was flying by. Even when I got to 21 weeks, it all seemed to be going so quickly! Now though, at 22 weeks pregnant, I feel like time’s slowed right down. Being 20 weeks and even 21 weeks seems so long ago but when I realise it was only a week and two weeks in the past, I feel like time is dragging. I think maybe it’s because so much happens in your first half of pregnancy; 9 week midwife app, 12 week scan, revealing your great news, gender scan … and then apart from midwife appointments you’re kind of left counting down the days for the second half.

Anyway, it’s still been an exciting week! Yesterday I went for the second part of my 20 week scan. In case you haven’t read my 20 week update, during my gender scan the sonographer couldn’t quite see baby boys spine properly. There were no problems whatsoever, she just needed him to move so she could tick everything off her list; and even after a walk and some lunch he still hadn’t budged so she asked me to come back within two weeks. Well in true me style, I left it right to the last minute and luckily they fit me in yesterday morning! Mum and Dad came with me as Pete was working away and I was so pleased that Mum in particular got to be there. She’s due to finish her chemo about a month before baby is due and I sometimes worry if it gets delayed she may be neutropenic and not able to come to the hospital, so I want her to be as involved in the pregnancy as possible when she’s feeling well.


Looking straight on at the camera – kind of creepy/cute


Holding on to his little foot – look at those tiny toes!


Little man

His main measurements were taken again, which wasn’t necessary but the sonographer wanted to make it worth while going especially as Mum and Dad hadn’t seen him yet.

Head Circumference – 199.9mm

Abdominal Circumference 159.0mm

Femur Length 37.7mm

At 22 weeks, according to my app, bambini is now the size of an eggplant; weighing an average of 15.17 ounces and measuring 10.94 inches crown to heel (approx).


SPD has been a killer these past few days, not only feeling bruised but quite sore too and again more frequently than before. I’ll definitely look at a support belt and/or physio this week as I can’t see it easing off any time soon.

I’ve been much thirstier again but I know this is because I’ve not been drinking enough water so that’s my aim of the week. I’m also a bit constipated (TMI) and I’m sure it’s down to my lack of fluids.

My rib is so much better now but my back has been aching so much; luckily my friend brought over a pregnancy pillow so I’m hoping for a more comfortable sleep from now on!

My gums have eased up; in fact I’ve not noticed them bothering me at all which is wonderful; and my face fuzz is still the same, as long as it doesn’t get worse I’m fine to leave it!


Exciting things to come

My ┬ánext midwife appointment is coming up at 24 weeks. Usually you wouldn’t have one until 26 weeks I believe but because I was having a bit of an emotional time around my 16 weeks appointment she booked me in a bit earlier. I feel a tad embarrassed to have broken down in front of her but I’m sure she gets it all the time – hormonal pregnant women ay?

I feel a bit sad that I won’t see baby boy now until he’s born so I think we’re going to book in a 4d scan for a few weeks time, just to break up the wait a little. Pete never really wanted to as he found them creepy but we never did it for Jasper so it would be nice to experience it.



Ooh I’ve also started buying bits for baby boy. I filmed a Zara, GAP, Next, The White Company and Asda haul over on my channel so go and check it out if you’re looking for some adorable mini man fashion inspiration!

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading and following my journey so far!

Jess x

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