21 Weeks Pregnant

At 21 weeks pregnant I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by.I remember with Jasper people kept telling me they thought my pregnancy was zooming by and I just thought ‘really, because for me it’s going super slow!’. This time around though, I guess with a lot going on and a toddler to look after I don’t have as much time to browse through pregnancy apps and watch my bump grow.

IMG_8355Little man:

Right let’s get into it, at 21 weeks baby is the size of a cantaloupe. On average he’s weighing in at 12.70 oz and is 10.51 inches crown to heel. I love that he’s now measured from crown to heel, I remember that being a really exciting step when I was pregnant with Jasper.

Little man looks pretty much how he will at birth except a lot smaller of course and he even has hair on his head! He’s able to blink and his teeny tiny eyelashes are even forming – oh the cuteness!


This muma is in pain! SPD is getting more and more frequent. The pain isn’t any worse it’s just gone from a few nights and mornings a week to pretty much all day everyday and it’s taking it’s toll. Getting in and out of the car is  frustrating and even bending down to play with Jasper has started to cause me difficulties. I’m going to look into getting a support belt and also trying physio if it doesn’t ease off by next week.

My rib has gone from feeling bruised to feeling like it’s been snapped in half. I’m currently waiting on the nurser to call me back as even though I know there’s nothing I can do if it is a cracked rib, I’d still like it checked in case as oh my is it torture!

I’m thinking of getting another pregnancy pillow as I loved mine last time and I ave no idea what I’ve done with it. I recently bought my mum a v pillow and it reminded me how comfy I was with mine; I think it’ll especially help with the SPD.

I’ve also noticed a layer of fuzz on my face. I’m quite a hairy person anyway, I’ve always had light blonde hair on my knuckles and backs of my hand and yes I’ve always had a little moustache but now it’s like a fluffy layer on my chin and cheeks. I don’t want to start waxing or bleaching so I’m going to try and ride it out and see if it just falls out once little man arrives.

Sore gums are a new one that only started a few days ago. I never had them with Jasper but I remember reading that they’re a common symptom so I’m not too worried. I haven’t been to the dentist in ages though and Jasper hasn’t had a first check yet so I may book us both in anyway. I’ve also got some Cortisol mouthwash that has always helped if I’ve ever had bleeding gums or redness so I’ll check that’s okay to sue while pregnant and give that a go.

I’ve been feeling lots and lots of movements over the last couple of days. It was just in the evenings and mornings but yesterday I had lots of daytime kicks and Pete even got to feel him for the first time which was lovely. He said it brought my pregnancy with Jasper back to him and was such a lovely moment – it was like I was finally sharing little man with someone else.

Exciting things to come:

Next Wednesday we go back for another scan at the hospital. I mentioned last week that the midwife couldn’t get a good enough view of his spine, even after me going for a walk and some lunch, so she’s asked me to come back to check again. She has no concerns she simply needs to tick it off her list as protocol and I’m fine with that as it’s another excuse to see my little man.

I also booked in my pregnancy photoshoot date; we had a rough guide of 3-4 dates to choose from and we confirmed it as June 23rd so hopefully I’ll be big enough to get some nice shots but not so big that there’s a risk of me going into labour in the studio!

I need to start thinking of outfits and poses and the general look I want to go for and maybe get a little fake tan in so I don’t look too pale!

Here is my 21 week pregnancy vlog, I’d love you to head over and subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂


Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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