1538810_10151934844682804_660374259_nI saw this great idea on good old Pinterest a few years ago and have never gotten round to making my own … until now!

The idea is simple, document your memories throughout the year and then on New Years Day open up the jar and reminisce.

I thinks it’s a fab idea to document your memories but I’m adding a little extra to mine. We all remember the major parts of our year, like finding out you’re having a baby, starting a new job or buying your first house; but how about those seemingly insignificant parts of our lives that we don’t remember but at the time made a real impact? I’m talking about that feeling when you helped your elderly neighbour cross the road and you knew you put a smile on their heart. The time that your child put his or her toys away without you having to ask them first. That awesome moment that you and your best friends song came on in the club and you danced like none was watching.

What I’m getting at is that it’s not only the big momentous occasions that are, well, momentous. Its those warm fuzzy feelings, the mini personal accomplishments, the spreading of love and smiles; those are what need to be treasured.

So me and Pete are going to give it a go this year with our ‘2014 Memory Jar’.

memory jar

With Rabbit on the way, a healthy and happy family and some loads of  amazing friends to spend it with, we are certain that New Years Day 2015 with be spent reading a years full of love, happiness and laughter!

Give it a go, see what moments make your 2014!


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